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TSA tries out device that targets fake IDs at IAH

The federal agency has placed 30 machines at the head of security lines at these airports that are designed to efficiently ensure that the thousands of driver's licenses, passports and boarding passes checked every day aren't phony. ( More...

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Chip Hermes 12
Notably, the 9/11 hijackers, the December 2001 shoe bomber, and the Christmas Day bomber in 2009 all had valid IDs and boarding passes. So I guess this would help get them onto the plane quicker.
AccessAir 6
Ya know,
Not once since 9/11 and the many times I have flown since then. I have NEVER observed ANY TSA actually look at MY FACE and compare it with the picture on the ID!!!! All they seems pre-occupied with is a name match.....
tuba 2
Wouldn't it be funny if this technology didn't really turn up very much? That it seemed like a good thing to spend money on, but that there was no established need?
Marcus Pradel 3
100K each for a machine that does the job of reading an ID like a $10 app you can buy on the AppleStore? see

All it is doing is verifying the barcode on the boarding pass to the ID. doesn't validate the ID itself or the boarding pass against the airport/airline mainframe.

Now the TSA can lower it's hiring requirements from "able to read/match" to "not color blind"!
C S 1
Yes, but the app doesn't read security features like UV.
Tod Leible 2
Haha, the TSA aka (Touchin', Squeezin', Arrestin) is a joke. Just one more way for our government to burn tax dollars and try to make everything seem like butterfly kisses!
jrollf 1
I bet if we try to use the same id verification ewuipment at the voting booths this fall, there will be a lot of screaming about it violating our Condtutional rights, oh wait, voting for the President is no where as important as making sure someone isn't trying to sneek onto an airplane.
katty wompus 1
When I vote, my signature matches the one in the book. No photo ID required, or necessary.
I had the "pleasure" of going through this device. Took 5 tries each for my passport and boarding pass, as it did for other passengers. After going through this state of the art device, they still asked what my name was, hoping to trip up a would be terrorist, then I had to show my boarding pass to a TSA agent for their initials. What should have taken less than a minute, took what seemed like 10. What a tremendous waste of money and time.
C S 1
Yes, but think, it also verifies ALL of the security features (which happen to be many), and who knows, it might even check for warrents! You people complain like you did with the body scanner machines, which By The Way, just scan your body, put the image on a mock up of a human, not you, and point out any thing on your body, and they fixed the side problem.
You know, they should be putting these machines at the Airport Bars instead of TSA lines if they really want to see if their "test" works. In my college years, many of us would carry two IDs. If the test works at the bars, then waste money deploying it at the airports. But as Chip points out -- the 9/11 hijackers and other failed plots all had real IDs..... so who knows.
Yes, and who let them have those IDs? Another branch of government. Who cares if you have ID or not? I thought its weapons and bombs they are interested in.
C S 1
They really like bombs...
Who is the supplier related to? Where did he work last?
katty wompus 1
good question. Chertoff is on the board of the body scanner manufacturer.

More Security Theatre
Lewis Tripp 0
I don't have a problem with it. Many of the users of this page are seriously negative to just about everything with security in mind. Get a life'
conortodd 1
I agree with you about the apparent attitude of many people on this site. My issue is with the cost involved. Mr. Pradel (above) puts the cost that TSA incurs in clear contrast to a what a private entity would probably choose: a relatively cheap, off-the shelf solution that achieves the same end.
Security's important, and it's important to continue to probe for weaknesses and solutions, but cost must be taken into account.
Why is TSA in airports but not at bus, train, etc. Its all hype. No security needed. I haven't seen a train blown up. Same amount of people as on a plane. It's a jobs program.
katty wompus 2
Shhh! Don't give them any ideas.
I'll bet they got ideas a lot bigger than blowing up an airplane.
C S 1
No kidding, but, then again, they just want to cause terror, and most people dont take a train, most travel in a plane...
Still, just as many on board if the mission is to kill a few hundred and cause terror. Airplanes aren't special since they sealed the cockpit. Are locomotive cockpits sealed? Are bus drivers segregated? Lots of opportunities.TSA could double its size and still couldn't stop nothing.
C S 1
Look, it may sound lke they don't do much, but thats because the things they get right don't make the news. Surely you know this to be true.
C S 1
I agree with you, Lewis.
katty wompus 0
Most users of this page are against Security Theatre. It looks like security, but it's not. It's a big, overpriced show.

The best security measure so far is to secure the cockpit door. Flight crews said this back in the '60s when all those planes were being hijacked to Cuba (of all wonderful places) and the airlines wouldn't do it because it cost too much. Instead we got the metal detectors, operated poorly by the individual private airlines.


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