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Air Canada choose Boeing 737s

Air Canada announces plans to buy up to 109 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to replace current Airbus narrowbody fleet. ( More...

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Thomas Reid 6
Interesting move away form Airbus. I guess Air Canada has finally discovered Boeing's superior product. Will be a different look for them, but I am looking forward to seeing the 737 MAX family in AC livery.
Quackers 5
100% agree. Im guessing the dreamliner deal had some effect on the decision.
Brian Lager 1
AC has operated Boeing aircraft since the early seventies, that includes 727,737, 747, 767 777 and 787. Airbus supplied replacements for the DC9 and 727 fleets. AC did buy a few Airbus A340's but only 4. It has been moving towards an all Boeing fleet for a number of years. As an ex AC mtce employee and having a number of licenses including 727 and 767 along with A319/320/321 It seems to be a good move. Both manufacturers produce excellent aircraft. Each fills an niche.
Andrew Barter 1
Air Canada's history with Airbus was started by a former Prime Minister who was 'accused' of 'convincing' AC to buy Airbus's in 1988. Prior to this AC was a loyal Boeing and Douglas customer. Many were suspicious at the time about AC's move to Airbus when it wasn't the better aircraft then either. Here's the story if you are interested. AC's recent move to 777's, 787's, and now 737's is not a surprise seeing as how AC is privately owned now. Personally, I can't wait to see 737's in AC's paint scheme.
Brian Lager 1
When I joined AC in 1970 the government was fairly hands off. It let it run itself as a private corporation. When Mulroney and, for that matter, Chretien came on the scene both tried to maneuver the airline their way. Naturally, the airline was less than pleased. Especially over aircraft purchases. Soon after this fiasco with Schreiber and others the airline was privatized. However, politicians still thought it belonged to them. The worst was Chretien who tried to parachute failed politicians onto the board of directors so he could control by proxy. Most of us working for AC at the time were peed off by all the machinations. Then came the worst decisions by a succession of US corporate raiders. The airline suffered through some piss poor decisions and is only now getting it head above water.
Choosing to go all American with its fleet will be a game changer. And, long overdue.
John Bowyer 1
I am thinking that the Mulroney / Schreiber scandal in the late 1980's may have been instrumental in this decision, now that it will become time to replace the aging A320's. This was an opportunity to "Make a statement" about it now that AC is privatised. Both aircraft are proven excellent and reliable. It is just that politics had previously influenced this new decision to buy Boeing.
Airassociate 1
The 1988 decision to go Airbus, with an new fly by wire unproven aircraft was as political as you can be. Boeing pulled out of Canada by selling Dehavilland first, then the rest of their holdings. An all one type manufacturer fleet means cost savings. Air Canada was flying B737 for a short time, ex Canadien Airlines Planes.
Maybe they want to compete in the US against Southwest or Westjet.


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