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American Quietly Retires Last Boeing 767-200 - Widebody Was Mainstay of Transcon Flights for Past Decade

The end of an era came at American Airlines as its last widebodies serving in its flagship transcon routes made their last flights and were replaced by smaller, narrow-body Airbus A321Ts. The airline’s last two Boeing 767-200s, planes that had been deployed on the highly-competitive routes linking New York with Los Angeles and San Francisco, have flown their final missions. The 767 was Boeing’s first wide-body, twin-engine plane as well as its first with a two-crew glass cockpit. Depending on… ( More...

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sparkie624 6
I really hate to see this.. The 767 is such a great plane, but they do age and cycle out.
s2v8377 1
Sad but true. I'll miss them they were my favorite aicraft in AA's fleet.
A great and reliable airplane I agree, but not as good looking as the 757 or the 787. Those airplanes look like they mean business and were MEANT to fly!!
preacher1 1
Haven't never seen an 87 up close but flew a 57 for about 23 years. One high steppin' lady.
preacher1 1
We traded our 57 for a new 67-200-ER that I personally spec'd in 09 just before retiring the first time and they took delivery in late 11 after the interior mod and all. Before I went back, I went back up and got well checked out on it, but there was really no comparison. It was nice and a lot roomier in the pointy end and panels and all were nearly identical but the looks and performance couldn't hold a candle
The 757 is the best lookin airliner made back then single aisle or not. It is the hot rod of the skies and could outclimb anything else. It still does to this day.
preacher1 1
An absolute racehorce, and in it's early days, to be called HEAVY because of the wake, you felt like a super hero sitting in the left seat. LOL
Neuroguy 3
I've only been on a 767 once. It was a nearly empty fight late at night from Tampa/St. Pete to Charlotte on Piedmont Airlines back in the late '80s. The plane was mainly used on the Charlotte to London Gatwick route I believe, so I don't know what it was doing on this sort of dead-head flight. As there were so few of us, the flight attendants let us coach passengers all sit up in business class, and I was able to stretch out across three seats. Most comfortable flight I ever had.

If airlines are starting to retire 767s, then that's a sure sign I'm getting old!
I remember my first and last flights on AA's 47's and now '67's. I must be old.
Incorrect information. N332AA did not operate AA flight 21 as stated. That aircraft completed her final flight on the afternoon arrival from JFK. N319AA flew LAX to JFK as flight 2 then back to LAX as flight 21 and then back to JFK as flight 30 on May 7th.
Sterling service indeed for these 80s gen aircraft. AA operates 763s from RDU (my base) to LHR now and the cabins are dated with overhead CRT displays. I have elected to take US Air flights on A330s via CLT for transcend flights. Slightly longer but a way better experience.
I hope they pull finger on the updating of the 50% they plan to keep.
Lewis Tripp 3
Replacing Boeing with Airbus. What a big step down.
Alec Cohen -4
I don't think so Airbus is a great company well i fly them for Delta i would know the airplanes are fantastic. iv'e also been in a 737 cockpit jump seating it was very crammed in there. And for those of you who think the Airbus is only a computer, you're wrong. Quite frankly all pilots iv'e flown with in either aircraft do the some thing we do all preps take off once passed through a thousand feet they switch on the autopilot. so Airbus or Boeing its all the same in a way.
WithnailANDi 12
I hope you do pre-flight checks more thoroughly than you do spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks.
Jd Young -1
Oh that's great! I am dying here!
peter carlucci -5
Ahh yes there is ALWAYS a spelling and grammar troll on board in these forums.
Go teach 6th grade English and make a difference sir..
You're a pilot for Delta?
And in another way, they are not!
Ella Talbott 1
Disagree. Tell that to the passengers of flight AF447. The co-pilot was pulling the nose up during a stall and because of the side sticks the other pilot had no idea what the co-pilot was doing. Give me Boeing's duel control yolks any day.
Bernie20910 7
You're not supposed to duel for the controls.
ilikerio 2
Much less egg yolks.
SootBox -1
Yolk's on him huh?
preacher1 1
If you fly for DAL, how come you haven't posted your rating on your profile.
Ella Talbott -1
Sounds more like you're a Airbus employee.
Len Seidel 1
I found that the seats on the 767 were not the best in Boeing's planes. No where near the comfort of the 777. Just my opinion, but I bet others will agree.
I 'm not to sure about American Airlines financial situation or stability, but I'm hoping to see the 787 in the future for this airline.
Mike OConnor 1
787s, I believe, will be added to American's fleet later this year.
s2v8377 1
American's 767-223ER last revenue flight info by destination:

AA1345/AA1508 N328AA-328 last scheduled flights JFk-MIA-JFK 3/5/14

AA179/AA20 N336AA-336 last scheduled flights JFK-SFO-JFK 3/31/14

AA117 N332AA-332 last scheduled flight JFK-LAX 5/7/14

AA30 N319AA-319 last scheduled flight LAX-JFK 5/7/14
Ningyuan Wang 1
I was on flight 30. I am kind of surprised that there are no announcements that this plane/model is going to retire after the flight. There are people chatting about it, and taking photos, though.
Like the 727, the 767 was a great aircraft for its time and served well throughout it's career. It opened so many routes to two engine aircraft and lived up to it's reputation. It will still have a second life as the KC 46 for USAF.
preacher1 1
Well, it is just AAG pulling them out of service and even they will still be running them in South America for a good while. There are many that will fly for years. Of course ours is flying in 135/90 operation and basically a BBJ setup, but it is only 3 years old and won't be going anywhere for a good while.


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