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Government Review Faults Efficiency in Trusted-Travel Programs

A government audit and analysis of the nation’s trusted traveler programs revealed a variety of shortcomings as well as a significant rise in popularity, according to a report released Friday. The Government Accountability Office, which audits and evaluates government services under the auspices of the United States Congress, released findings from a review of the Customs and Border Protection agency’s practices and policies that showed that enrollment in trusted-traveler programs quadrupled in… ( More...

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It's for folks that don't see the need to be part of the herd and being stuck behind pax that are inexperienced travellers. Do you avoid certain traffic intersections during certain times of day so you don't have to sit and wait in line "patiently"?
I've nearly missed two flights due to inexperienced travellers holding up the line at the TSA checkpoint, even with signs stating what they needed to do or couldn't bring. I'd prefer to sit in front of the gate reading FA Squawks than in the TSA line wondering why that guy is trying to walk thru the detector still wearing his shoes and coat.
Walt Amrein 1
My wife and I got the Trusted Traveler card because she has been stopped by the TSA numerous times. She has had everything but a cavity search. She is 75 years old and 104 pounds. A 3 cell flash light behind her would reveal all they needed to see.

Walt Amrein
Monte Steiger 1
I've always wondered about the usefulness of the trusted traveler programs. We all get herded into the same boarding area. The plane doesn't leave any sooner for the trusted travelers than for me. We all get to the same place at the same time. Are the programs just for impatient people?
Michael Wendt 2
Yes, I am impatient. I was happy to pay for the vetting to access this program because it does save me time.

The process of close physical inspection of every passenger is very labor intensive which makes it expensive and inefficient. Also, the genius of September 11 hijackers plan was to use only LEGAL objects. In case you've not studied the September 11 hijackings, they did NOTHING illegal when they went through the security inspection.

September 11 also proved the worse thing is to allow hijackers into the cockpit. This means that you must closely vet all pilots.

I am an airline pilot. I've be subject to finger printing and an extensive FBI background investigation. I AM NOT THE ENEMY!!! I'm locked in the cockpit every time I go to work, so why should I not be given an easier access to the boarding area?

And if you are willing to be finger printed and have a background investigation, I am very happy for you to have easier access to the boarding area.

If the TSA PreCheck passengers can go through more quickly, then fewer TSA agents are required. TSA then has 2 choices. One, they can reduce the number of agents on duty and reduce their costs. Or two, they can keep the same number of agents and process the non-PreCheck passengers faster.

Global Entry and TSA PreCheck is a win win for everybody.


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