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Soutwest Airlines New Livery LEAKED

In short order Saturday night, I received two heads-up – one from and one from Southlake travel agent Steve Cosgrove – that there are photos circulating of a new livery for Southwest Airlines. ( More...

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oleipelt 19
[Leaked] New Southwest Airlines FA Uniforms:
Gary Rogers 10
Well, the hot dogs would certainly be an improvement.
N425wh 4
Alright! They are going to start serving meals now.
OMG I nearly died choking on my drink laughing...feckin hilarious!!!
ROFLMAO awesome. Grand slam, oleipelt!
this was funny! I know wn has tried to keep it casual through the years (since the hotpants)so this might be an alternative! serioulsy though,if they want to expand as an international presence and have a bit more credibility,maybe a little more professional look than khakis,shorts and polos might work and still be comfortable for the employees..the "new" color scheme is actually a bit like the old braniff who had planes in lots of colors ,or even the old hughes airwest that were bright yellow...
AWAAlum 1
I hate to be negative, but the hats, etc., yeah, they look like they work in a fast food restaurant. I'm old enough that I remember the day that flight attendants uniforms were so sharp looking, they actually commanded respect. When people saw flight attendants making their way through the terminal, they couldn't help but send admiring stares their way. Times they's a changin'.
You want fries with that?
sparkie624 8
Oh Joy... I am just so thrilled.... NOT!
Even American Airlines scheme is much better than this one is.
sparkie624 4
You got it, and that isn't saying much...
Chris B 1
AA looks like a Coors light can. Awful.
sparkie624 1
LOL.. Never thought of it that way, but you are exactly right.
Allen Jones -1
AA is awful. Pluse much extra weight. What nuts are running the airline?
AA is especially awful with the change, cancellation and bag fees, that are the industry standard but for SWA. Also, I flew DFW to JFK in one of AA's 737-800s and the legroom was so poor that I was angry (I'm 6'). After that one experience with AA, I now feel much better having flown SWA on at least 100 more legs than the other majors. No matter the color of the AC or the uniforms, SWA is the superior airline business model from nose to tail and has my 100% admiration and respect.
BaronG58 3
Yes....SWA has always been a class act. Well run company who treats their employee's well. SWA has deep pockets...never had a losing year. I have owned their stock since IPO so I may be a bit bias 8-)
well,maybe not..aa was trying its best to "combine" the old aa and the us airways least they gave their employees a chance to vote on different schemes..i am "old fashioned" and liked the old aa logo and silver planes..
tim mitchell 4
There's nothing wrong with this scheme;very colorful....Now a true tightwad would have a fleet of plain white and black planes that look more like a great value package.
SmokedChops 6
complete with UPC barcode.
paul trubits 4
I think you are on to something. Bar codes instead of tail numbers. Big scanner on the runway.
tim mitchell 2
Ryan Vince 10
That looks extremely ugly.... WN went from a classy livery to this mess that looks like a 3rd grader drew with crayons.
ilikerio 1
So did AA..
BaronG58 4 granddaughter is in 3rd grade she can a much better job than this. 8-)
Allen Jones 1
How to ruin an airline!
pdixonj 6
This would probably look halfway decent, if it weren't for that big overbearing yellow stripe going up the tail...where the heck did that come from?? I don't know whether or not this will help WN attract more business travelers, but it will definitely attract more kids.
That the best part of this design, IMO.
LOL!!!Far too garish for me....but then I liked the United Grey ;)
Chris Bryant 3
Looks like it might make them a little harder to spot from a distance. Right now, I can always tell from my house when a Southwest flight is departing or arriving KCMH.
Just got an email from them with the new livery, so it's very much official.
To quote Dom Deluise in "History of the World Part I" - "Nice. Nice. Not thrilling. Nice."
Wally Colbert 5
Looks a little like Sun Country!!
Mixed feelings about this new livery???
steve rogers 4
well from what I can see , everybody hate's it , so that means it's perfect .
ilikerio 1
Harold Foster 4
Yeah, but dem winglets tho...
tom treutlein 2
I think that's a 737Max. Notice the compound winglets. In any event if you are flying VFR in haze the new color scheme will make them more visible.
dlh123 2
I think that the last TWA paint scheme was one of the finest ever used. Hard to find it's equal these days.
I always thought that the more paint on the outside meant less payload inside.
funny you should bring that up..i heard years ago (and read) that the paint on the outside of an aircraft factors into the weight of the plane and the fuel consumption..i guess with the "new" breed of aircraft,that is not a major concern...
Mary S. Watkins
Figuring a gallon of paint to be about 5 pounds after it dries times the number of gallons needed to prime and paint an A/C, let's say 50 gallons plus 50 gallons of primer, that would be about 500 pounds. Not much in the grand scheme of things. But enough to equal about 3 regular sized passengers or a crate of merchandise. I'm figuring on only a partial paint , not a full coat over everything except the windows and lights. That would be much more dead weight.
I bet preacher can do a pretty good calculation on fuel used to haul an extra 500 pounds.
Richard Smith 2
jcazalot 5
What an eyesore.
Gabriel Hoag -1
I completely disagree. What makes this livery any more of an eyesore than their old one? I like this new one better than their old livery. Seems like every time an airline comes up with a new livery, people are so quick at criticizing it.
sparkie624 2
Good point... The old one was the pits, this one is just brighter colors for the most part.
bigkahuna400 4
Nothing new letters? Still looks like kindergarden designed....SQA really needs a new marketing group!
I have seen worse,but by not much, WN finally went around the bend.
canuck44 3
Orange has become yellow and all the colors have become more intense. I don't find these changes offensive in the least as the duller blue and orange made them look tired and old like that United grey that made you wonder if you should get on the aircraft. If they are not going to use white, then an airline livery needs to make you reach for your sunglasses not a blinder or a bag.
Honyok 2
A really goofy scheme. Looks like the carnival is coming to town. Hope it doesn't come with a roller coaster ride!
Do you remember the "wrong field" landing in MO.last year? The nose gear collapse?
They already have the roller coaster rides.
patrick baker 1
they could paint the exteriors any combination or colors and it would not matter for the business traveler. Price, frequency,seat room, lack of fee-greed,decent and consistent customer service: those are the things the airlines with prettier exteriors need to find and keep. They could paint the birds white and add only company identity lettering so I know I am getting into, not on, my desired airline. Paint schemes do not matter. silly to even think about them except maybe the Delta paintjobs and insignia from the 1970's..
AWAAlum 1
Branding seems to have increased in importance of late. You look up and see a plane coming in, and recognize the livery - it's an advertisement for the company. I fly Southwest much of the time now, but only because it's a blessing to be able to check my luggage without charge rather than lugging it aboard and trying to lift it up high enough to store overhead, not because of the colors its flying. I don't fly an airline because I look and think, ooh, that's pretty, that's the one I'll take. But that recognition factor is important. It's why a car has a sign on it that says Lexus or Ford, etc. Branding.
dondtus 1
Nows the time to apply for a Job:
I'm sure SWA has enuf A/C in their Livery.
AWAAlum 1
Wouldn't you think in today's economy, with airlines pulling every trick they can think of to remain profitable, that designing and implementing new livery would be one of the last things they'd need to spend money on? No - would be THE last thing?
preacher1 1
Worst kept secret in the industry. LOL
preacher1 2
Without going with a white though, it don't look bad.
Ben Ryan 2
Agreed. It really was time for an upgrade.
preacher1 2
Yeah, they needed to do something.
Preacher1: How much weight does a paint job add to the A/C? Can you figure in gallons + primer? Or is it by square feet of coverage? At any rate, I'm wondering about the payload factor. Any thoughts?
For instance, how many pounds of paint material does it take to cover a 747-8, or a 737 ER?
Dennis Noah 1
Looks like the outfit on the wind up toy monkies with symbols we had as kids.
ken young 1
Let me know when SWA goes back to being a low fare carrier.
probably will never happen sir..people have assumed for years that wn was cheaper,when in reality, it was not with the exception of certain routes..they are competative with the others...
Mike Burger 1
SW claims the painting expense is a zero sum total, or something like that.
AWAAlum 2
Can you find out their secret? I have some painting to do and would love to do it at no expense.
Wally Colbert 1
Mixed emotions
patrick baker 1
attention smoke chop Yes, hughes was it air west hughes, did have DC-9-10s painted a sort of greenish hue, but brannif had a flying banana DC862 with a brighter green as well as some 727s with the same point. Long look down memory lane there,
Mike Burger 1
Just guessing, but I figure WN's aim is Int'l brand recognition. Everybody (in the U.S.) knows WN, but with WN's Int'l surge as of late, people outside the U.S. Don't; but from a marketing point of view, it's now too obvious (the point). Second, Gary said in June, WN is getting "bigger" airplanes (not sure if he's referring to 800MAX or something different), but now that new paint job is easily transferable to any type aircraft. One size fits all.
Devon Dunphy 1
no more red bellies.
patrick baker 0
`the purpose of painting these bright contrasting colours is most important to other pilots within visual range, and then to those pasengers sitting in the plane. Remember Braniff's paint jobs: orange 747, yellow, green,- and the
calder many-colored dc8-62. tough to miss and ignore those, especially the flying banana Dc-8 62.
SmokedChops 1
weren't the Hughes airlines the flying bananas? need more art people in the process and less focus groups.
calbert -1
Blaa, looks worst like a kid came up with it. Not impressed and it is not appealing to me.
Tommy Strong 0
Doomed TBM should have told controller his intentions and why. Forget requests.
BaronG58 2
You posted on the wrong squawk. Have done this myself.
If they will change the livery to this new one, I have one thing to say, it looks ugly! the only thing is that the name will be more visible bu other than that it looks ugly!
Ben Ryan 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Southwest Airlines Unveils New Livery, Branding

Southwest Airlines unveiled their new livery and branding today. This comes after weeks of speculation and leaked photos.


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