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The Airport Frustration Index

This interactive report scores airport frustration for US airports looking at the commute, time at the terminal and rate of on-time departures.Kind of fun in a clunky way. No surprise that wintry airports have fewer on-time departures. ( More...

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Where are you living if it takes you 68 minutes to MCO?
cdinvb 1
I-95 and the Beeline it's about ninety minutes from Vero Beach. But that's non rush hour. And Orlando is a massive snarl fairly often. Someone who makes one false move can eat up a whole lot of clock just getting back to where one was to begin with.

I-4 East from the Tampa area can be a cluster with all of the Disney traffic. You're right on about someone making one false move. It's usually someone in an RV towing a minivan.
EndZoneLayer 1
Why does IAD keep getting such bad reviews in these surveys. I have flown out of there O-D dozens of times per year for a decade, mostly on United mainline, and never had any significant delays or problems. I admit its not the best, but definitely not 3rd worst in any category
canuck44 1
Not a good match with the previously posted "Worst Airports". LGA comes out very well here as does ATL. EWR takes its rightful place at the bottom of the barrel.
andromeda07 1
Do these surveys normalize by the number of travelers through these airports? If not, these numbers are meaningless. The busiest airports will have the largest number of votes for everything, including complainers.
Matt Kladder 1
Well, LGA didn't seem to do better to me, as the worst airports were at the top of the lists, LGA was in the top 8 worst in every category and was the worst overall airport... but yes ATL fared much better here


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