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World's Oldest Airworthy Jet Returns To America

This North American F-86A Sabre built in 1948 is back on U.S. soil after a 22 year hiatus in Europe. The airplane is the only surviving "A" model rescued from a scrap yard in the '70s and is the oldest flying jet in the world. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 1
There are much older jets than that still flying, such as de Havilland Vampires.
magnetoz 2
Of the approximately 7 flying Vampires, all were built after 1948. On 6 June 2009, the world's oldest flying jet, a Vampire built in 1947, formerly of the RCAF and owned by the Wings of Flight Air Museum in Batavia, New York, crashed during an emergency landing at Rochester International Airport. F-86A S/N 48-178 is now the oldest flying jet in the world.
Torsten Hoff 2
Thank you for the correction.


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