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Lufthansa pilots continue strike

Vereinigung Cockpit announced the Lufthansa strike will continue through Friday. ( More...

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sparkie624 5
Morons... They will never recover what they have lost and they are only hurting the customers.
Pilots deserve a good retirement benefit. The CEO should give up some of his millions.
744pnf 1
Gonna kill Lufthnsa.

[This poster has been suspended.]

linbb 1
The big problem pointed out here on FO was the golden parachute retirement is going to break the airline if its allowed to continue. What person would bit the hand that will feed them after retirement? Not this bunch but driving the airline into bankruptcy apparently is not something they care about.
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Lufthansa Pilots Extend Strike, Hundreds of Flights Cancelled

A day of strikes by pilots who had been slated to operate short- and medium-haul flights at Lufthansa will be followed by a strike impacting long-haul flights Thursday, and that may not be the last job action at the German flag carrier....


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