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Fantastic air-to-air video of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber conducting a flyover at Rose Bowl 16

On Jan. 1, 2016, a B-2 Spirit with 509th Bomb Wing from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, opened the Rose Bowl college football bowl game played at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California with a flyover that was filmed from a helicopter. ( More...

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Chris Reece 6
Would have been a much better video without the play by play from the peanut gallery...
Daniel Baker 3
You can just hit mute.
Ric Wernicke 3
Totally good show. Amazing to watch (and hear) as the opener for the Rose Bowl. I'd bet some of the engineers went to the game winner Stanford.

If you see one in the sky over you, don't make it angry!
alan75035 2
Batman has all the cool toys.
Jerry Allison 2
A B2 overflew the Rose Bowl Parade on a cold, drizzly morning: Jan 1st, 2000. It may have been the first Rose Bowl flyover for the B2. We were all just thankful that the world hadn't come to an end ;-)
oowmmr 1
What a trip, does it emit sound?
Daniel Baker 1
Ruger9X19 1
They can be quite loud, around 1995 or so the Vance AFB open house/airshow had one do a demonstration flyby. I was watching from a street a mile north of the runway there was a stop in the show so I thought it had ended turned around to walk home and it was right on top of me headed south, I didn't hear a thing until it passed me then there was quite the rumble.
Ken Hardy 0
Just what you use a 2 billion per copy bomber for at a cost of 100 grand an hour
Rob Kemperman -6
To me this is a fake video. I cant see any rudder movements.
Pileits 5
You are right Rob you don't see any rudder movements because this airplane doesn't have a rudder!
30west 4
Fake? Ask the 1,000,000+ people at the Rose Parade who saw it live and in person to see if it really happened.

The reason that you saw no rudder movements is because there is no rudder on the jet. The complex wing design and multiple control surfaces on the wing counter yaw.
Rob Kemperman -7
True no rudders but i saw no movement of the ailerons.
blueashflyer 8
It uses reverse-engineered alien technology to warp the atmosphere around the wings and thereby move forward
josh homer 3
Dangit Blueashflyer that's classified information. Now ya dunnit!
Finally, someone understands dry humor. Well, two, counting Kemperman.
Andrew Wilson 1
This isn't even the first time a B-2 flew over the Rose Parade/Bowl. I was in attendance a few years ago when it did, and have a framed picture of it taken by a pro photographer in a chase plane.
Mike Mohle -6
Any reason why we need to pay to fly an extremely expensive aircraft all the way from Whiteman to CA, when there are thousands of military AC in California? Most people and paradegoers do not know a B-2 from a B-52 anyway. Sounds like a huge waste of money that could be used elsewhere.
Ruger9X19 13
The pilots do cross country training and currency flights anyway, might as well add some free promotional advertising for recruiters. At the end of the day if they fly over a desert or ocean where no one watches or a crowd of thousands with millions watching on TV the flight hours cost the same.
Loyd Enochs 4
One common USAF combat mission is to fly over a very specific location, at a very specific altitude/speed, and at a very specific time. Having to appear over a football stadium in a small window of time without harming the civilians below is excellent training. And as Ruger9X19 said, crews are required to do this training to remain current in their qualification anyway, so it is far more economical to get dual use from the expenditure of training funds by coordinating with the PR department for events such as this rather than just picking a radio tower at random as a target. The icing on the cake is great video like this one.


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