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Air New Zealand and Qantas suspend services to Vanuatu due to concerns about the runway

Following Air New Zealand's announcement on Friday, Qantas has decided to suspend its codeshare with Air Vanuatu over concerns about the conditions of the country's international runway at Port Vila. On Friday Air New Zealand suspended its services between Auckland and Vanuatu due to on-going concerns about the condition of the runway at Port Vila International Airport. ( More...

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matt jensen 1
Gee, you mean all those earthquakes actually damaged the runways?
V8Bathurst888 0
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Port Villa Runway causes Air NZ to suspend flights, QANTAS ends Codeshare with Air Vanuatu

Air New Zealand has suspended flights between Auckland and Vanuatu due to concerns over the condition of the runway at Bauerfield International Airport, while Qantas has removed its QF airline code from Air Vanuatu-operated services between Australia and Port Vila.

Devid Thomas 0
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Qantas, Air New Zealand halt Vanuatu flights over runway risks; Virgin Australia maintains schedule

Qantas Airways and Air New Zealand have suspended flights to Vanuatu due to safety concerns about its airport runway, a likely blow to tourism and the Pacific island nation’s recovery efforts after a cyclone last year.....


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