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In Pulkovo emergency landing of Boeing 737 aircraft with a failed engine

Passenger plane Boeing 737 of the airline Uzbekistan Airways, taking off from Pulkovo airport of St. Petersburg in the Uzbek Fergana at 14:58 GMT Sunday, preparing for emergency landing. About this “Interfax” said a source in the sector of passenger traffic. ( More...

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Somehow I have a feeling that the crew was trained in the USA.
rosen85 1
After digging deeper, I found that it is actually a Boeing 757 with registration UK-75701.
An Uzbekistan Airways Boeing 757-200, registration UK-75701 performing flight HY-636 from St. Petersburg (Russia) to Fergana (Uzbekistan), was in the initial climb out of Pulkovo Airport's runway 28L when the crew stopped the climb at 5000 feet due to an engine (PW2037) failure associated with bangs and streaks of flame. The crew shut the engine down, burned off fuel and returned to Pulkovo Airport for a safe landing about 90 minutes after departure.
linbb 2
Normal good crew work and no damage upon landing.
mike SUT 1
I thought the engine "started clapping and then refused itself" :-) I'm going to remember that one for the logbook next time I lose an engine. Great way to describe what sounds like a compressor section stall situation. The Captain of the vessel did a great job though and outcome was great. Wonder if they moored it at a jetway or a wharf?

Love translations from foreign papers.


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