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Incident: Singapore B777 at Melbourne on Oct 9th 2016, tower observes tailstrike on departure

A Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration 9V-SYG performing flight SQ-238 from Melbourne,VI (Australia) to Singapore (Singapore), departed Melbourne's runway 34 when tower observed sparks and smoke from the tail section of the aircraft as the aircraft rotated between taxiways F and C (between 1800 and 3300 meters down the runway) and assumed the aircraft's tail had contacted the runway surface during rotation ( More...

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joel wiley 2
So, the first Monday Morning Quarterback question is "was it appropriate to continue the flight?".
Nultech 2
They should install training wheels on those tails.
209flyboy 1
maybe those pilots need more lessons on how to rotate at Vr
Highflyer1950 1
I'm guessing if the cabin pressurizes then why not continue!


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