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Passenger jet in five hour delay and emergency UK landing after ALL toilets blocked

A packed passenger jet was forced into a FIVE hour delay after all the toilets on board became blocked with 'something solid'. The Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777 jet had to make an emergency landing in Manchester when it was revealed the ENTIRE lavatory system got choked. ( More...

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Tom Kearney 4
'Vindaloo: Friend or Enema? The Story of Flight PK-798' A Michael Moore documentary. Coming to a theater near you!
Roy Hunte 1
Have you ever read the little book 'Pooh gets stuck'? Lol
Highflyer1950 2
A good hot curry would appear to be the solution!
linbb 1
Cant flush there headgear down them like the outdoor ones.
aidannorman 1
This brings back a memory I have of this Delta Connection flight from JFK to MSP I was on about 2 years ago. We boarded on time, (which was cool because it was one of those gates in T2 at JFK where you walk through the clear plastic tunnel on the ground and then do an airstairs boarding on the plane). I was settled in my seat for 5 minutes then like 5 Delta fleet service trucks pull up and the service people board the plane on stand around the first class lav. Me and the other person I was with were like okay maybe they are just restocking the toilet paper or something.
About 20 minutes later a member of the flight crew said that there was a clog in the forward lav and they were trying to unclog it. They sat there trying to unclog this for like 30 minutes after the announcement. Then finally they left and the flight crew announced that the clog could not be fixed and that everybody had to use the 2 aft lavs. The flight departed an hour late all because of this. But the funny part of this story is I got talking to on the Flight Attendants after the flight and they said that someone had thrown the soap dispenser in the toilet and tried flushing it, which of course it got clogged.
scott8733 0
Is there any evidence of all PAX having worn their "I pooped today!" T-shirts on this flight?


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