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BREAKING Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737 accident at Francisco Carle Airport, Peru.

BREAKING STORY - Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737 on fire at Francisco Carle Airport Peru - SEE VIDEO at link. No news on causalities UPDATES to follow ( More...

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Kevin Brown 4
Apparently the same Airline had a major incident with a 737 just three days ago!
Richard Orgill 10
Make sure you grab your luggage before evacuating and get that "selfie" in before you get away from a burning craft.
Kevin Brown 2
According to RT all passengers escaped safely without injury

RT‏Verified account @RT_com 31m31 minutes ago
MORE: All passengers safely evacuated, none of them suffered any serious injuries - #PeruvianAirlines
Whatever had happen, that would be the worst place to have a mishap.
Definitely a survivable landing, the plane was in decent shape, firetruck came on time, but broke exactly where the foam spray may not reach the fire or plainly failed.
As a result the plane is totaly charbroiled.
Kevin Brown 2
Boeing Airplanes‏Verified account @BoeingAirplanes 14m14 minutes ago
We are aware of the incident involving Peruvian Airlines Flight 2036. Our team is currently gathering more information.
Nevermind the grass fire..there IS a burning plane ahead of you Mr firefighter.
Glad everyone is OK
Kevin Brown 1
UPDATE: View from inside the doomed aircraft on landing
mike maloney 1
Did that used to be Aeroperu? If so I have used it many times from Lima to outlying areas.
Sam Hernandez 0
Not a pilot, but to me, that approach looked really fast. I don't recall seeing the scenery fly by the cabin window that fast the last time I was in a 737.
indy2001 2
The airport's altitude is over 11,000 ft. The air is less dense at that altitude so the approach speed must be higher to generate the required amount of lift.


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