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Small plane crash lands at Nashua airport, no one injured

NASHUA - No one was injured when a plane crashed Tuesday morning on the runway at the Nashua Airport. According to fire officials, there was a landing gear failure that caused a single, four-seat Cessna 180 aircraft to crash shortly after 9 a.m. ( More...

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The high-carbon spring steel of the Cessna 180-185 series main landing strut is incredibly strong. A preexisting crack or failure by corrosion is likely.
sparkie624 1
I agree... This gear has a reputation of taking a beating even when other parts cannot.
bbabis 1
Probably an amphib in the past sold as never operated in salt water.
Keaton Evans 1
Also a lot of salt is used on the roads over here, that stuff does a number on everything whether it's on or off the roads.
scott Biller 1
This was a fender bender. The comment from manboi was correct. This story was a complete waste of time.
THAT was not a plane crash. You'll know one when you see it.
sparkie624 1
Agreed.... I would classify it as an Incident and a minor one at that. Certainly not news worthy.
sparkie624 1
By looking at the pictures, there is no prop or fuselage damage... Was the engine even running! Only a wing tip damage due to gear collapse...
Brian Johnson 1
The prop tip is, indeed, bent. Distinctly curved on the left hand side of the image!
bbabis 1
Seeing as one blade is curled forward, it was under power as it hit. Since the other blade shows little damage either direction, there had to be sudden stoppage. More than likely engine mount/firewall damage also. $$$
Pilot can fly again. This is an insurance story.
sparkie624 1
I see that now... When I first looked at it I missed it..
WMUR (ABC9 Manchester, NH) a station not known for great reporting even stated, "Plane veers off runway at Nashua Airport."


A plane skidded off the runway at the Nashua Airport Tuesday morning.

According to Nashua fire officials, at about 9:10 a.m., a four-seat Cessna 180 aircraft went off the runway onto a grassy area, leaning on its left side. ..."


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