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Philippine Airlines Takes First Bombardier Q400

Philippine Airlines (PAL) has taken delivery of its first dual-class, 86-seat Bombardier Q400 in Toronto, Canada. ( More...

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Harold Dola 1
How does the plane get from Toronto to the Philippines?
Probably with 3 or more refueling stop over in Vancouver, Anchorage Seoul or maybe Taipei
If temporary ferry tanks are NOT installed, probably via Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Russia, Japan then home..
Note the range of a Q400 is around 1,000 nm.
FlyYX 1
When we got a few used ones for rp/f9 they had big full bladders with wood cradles.
flew on that airlines a numerous times a few years back service and flight crew were great glad to hear that they are still around live in the Philippines numerous years miss the place, have fond memory .


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