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This is the nail-biting moment an Airbus Beluga came in to land in high winds

High winds were no match for the Airbus Beluga as it came in to land at Hawarden Airport. ( More...

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Viv Pike 2
Geez, what a click-bait headline !! Waste of time video.
sparkie624 1
Link doesn't work for me? did they take it down.
ian mcdonell 1
wow - even more D Trump fake news

agree with highflyer1950
Frank Kaiser 3
Agree with Highflyer1950. Also, the article states: "But the whale-like plane had no trouble correcting itself and making the perfect landing". So I venture to guess there were no pilots aboard, the aircraft flew itself!
Highflyer1950 5
Seems like a pretty normal crosswind landing to me.


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