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Video shows how close Air Canada flight came to landing on taxiing planes

(CNN)Newly released video shows just how close an Air Canada Airbus A320 came to mistakenly landing on a crowded taxiway at San Francisco International Airport last year. In the nighttime video, the Air Canada plane appears to be on a collision course with aircraft that were waiting on the taxiway, when air traffic controllers urgently demanded the pilots abort the landing. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 10
You can’t get much closer without actually having a collision. The passengers of the aircraft on the taxiway must have felt and heard the Air Canada flight loud and clear.

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flynryan 18
Might wanna read the article...

"The investigation has revealed that the flight crew of the Air Canada flight informed the NTSB that there was confusion over the runway configuration and landing lights at SFO"

"The Air Canada captain has more than 20,000 flight hours and almost 4,800 as a captain of an Airbus A320. The first officer has 10,000 flight hours, according to the NTSB."
treborselpats 3
True, the Air Canada crew raised the question due to their not backing up the visual approach with the localizer on 28L once they were cleared for the visual. The amount of flight hours of either the captain or first officer does not preclude a procedural mistake on their part. Might want to read standard procedures for visual approaches.
flynryan 8
The hours were posted in regards to the snide "new pilots these days" crap he posted. Clearly the Captain started out in the "good ole days".
Highflyer1950 1
When you quote an article you should probably read it and then reread it as backing up a visual approach to 28R by using the 28L localizer which was probably shut off due to the runway being closed is not a procedure used. However, flying the Quiet Bridge Visual 28R and having the ILS tuned for 28R on the PNF side may have served some purpose, unless against SOP’s.
Muchits 1
They were actually flying the FMS Bridge Visual 28R which a procedure used by most major operators into SFO.
sharon bias 3
I'm not a pilot. But when a pilot clearly states over the air that he is confused about his location, shouldn't that cause all sorts of bells, whistles, and alarms to go off in peoples heads? That's sort of like ignoring a patient in the hospital who says they want to kill themselves. In general, people don't listen carefully anymore. It's all noise.
Highflyer1950 3
I have posted a few remarks on this previously, but, I have not heard exactly what approach AC was using that night! I am not even sure if the crew actually thought about 28L being closed and from 8-10 nm out the parallel taxiway occupied with all the airliners waiting for T/O could have been mistaken for 28R. This is especially the case when all the ac had their taxi lights on and the parallax view from an offset visual. Fatigue is no excuse but can play a part in the whole issue. A slight right crosswind, which was the case that night would further exasperate issue by a right crab especially if tracking the 095 SFO radial inbound and the view from the aircraft waiting on the taxiway would definitely get my attention looking straight at AC’s landing lights! The published missed would have the AC jet going almost directly over the taxiway. The F/O’s failure to upgrade twice may or may not have played an important point in CRM protocols.
I do not claim to be very knowledgeable about these things (not a pilot and certainly not ATP) but I am an avid flight simmer (again I know its not the same but hear me out) I simulate landings all the time and the BASIC and logical procedures for lining up for the runway are numerous and simple in nature. It was reported that the weather was clear. Aren't most A320's now a days equipped with RAAS? Also, wasn't the Cpt required to call out the Decision at DH if they had a clear view of the lights? and there was "confusion" shouldn't this 20,000 hrs cpt know to err on the side of caution rather than risk landing on a taxiway? In 2018 we almost had the "possibly the worst aviation crash in history (as he would've crashed against all 3 aircraft on the taxiway)" Over a confused pilot? Seems nonsensical to me.
Highflyer1950 4
A good valid point. The usual 500’ call when on a visual is supposed to get both pilots on the same page with a confirmation of landing from each. Complacency and fatigue creeps into an otherwise easy, normal night op which gets me back to CVR and CRM protocols. Unfortunately the CVR was erased so it’s all academic now.
andromeda07 1
I'd like to know how the CVR got erased. That should have been a critical part of the investigation and knowing what happened, it should have been the first piece of evidence to be preserved.
The pilot who asked "Where's this guy going?", woke up the tower ! who should've known already he was aligned with the taxi way.
Indiana Jones at the helm?
Lloyd Sharp -8
Airline pilots are very good at what they do-- Manage aircraft systems!
They are systems managers....but turn those systems off -- such as the autopilot flying the aircraft down the glideslope coupled with the autothrottle(s) all as the "system managers" look on. But turn something off, and everything falls apart.
A very good example of this is the 777 crash in SFO Air Asia
A perfectly good aircraft, in near perfect weather-- haphazardly flown
with tragic results.
Captain: Sum Ting Wong
Co-Pilot: Wee Too Lo
Highflyer1950 4
Asiana, I believe!
Torsten Hoff 7
I was with you until you made it into a racial joke.
Lloyd Sharp 2
You are correct
We humans are foulable
I am sorry
30west 1
Lloyd, "Foulable".... was that a pun? If not, it's fallible. ;-)
RECOR10 -3
If that moron cant handle a joke...there are many other aspects of life that are going to far too tough for him to make it much longer. For the good of the race, and proving Darwin as being quite a can only hope many modern people do not breed.

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sensfan2513 3
And knuckledragging jerks like you make it worse. I'd tell you to deal with it, but I don't think anything matters to you in the first place.
flypilot12 3
For the love of all that is holy. You guys need to get a grip. Take your political correctness to the political forums. It was a joke. I've seen worse jokes told here on this site and nothing was said. So get off your soap boxes and stow your holier than thou attitude in the overhead bin.
Lloyd Sharp 5
Thank you, I wasn't trying to be political, or a racist (glad there are folks who don't read something more into a topic) it really is amazing how something can get so twisted.
But even my wife said I shouldn't have brought up those names.
So, I get spanked at home too
The other day a white pharmacist got "in trouble" for saying "A chink in the armor" as in reference to an issue with a data systems uptime...some female Korean tech was offended. She can find a new job. Hell, she is not even Chinese! To be honest, I never ever put a nationality on a "Chink in the armor" statement. (And yes, we did invite the young lady to find a new job if that pushed her over the line)
D Chinn 0
Mr. Sharp,

You should be ashamed of your post and apologize. A San Francisco Bay Area broadcaster was fired for making remarks similar to the last two lines of your post about the Asiana crash.

If you have any knowledge, wisdom, or advice in your post, you totally undermined them with your two deeply offensive lines.
flypilot12 4
Let's be clear, the reporter got fired because he was stupid. Period. He made a joke on air while the event was unfolding on the ground. That is not the time for it, and he was a professional, and should be held professionally responsible for what he said. Here, we ain't. So get over yourself.
Lloyd Sharp 0
You are correct also
I am sorry
As soon as I figure out how to edit my post I shall remove it.
RECOR10 -2
Why? Plus, on flight aware it seems posts are, it was funny


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