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(Video) National Air and Space Museum - Ignite Tomorrow

The National Air and Space Museum is unveiling plans for a bold new future. Over the next several years, the Museum will completely reimagine its flagship building in Washington, DC inside and out, including all 23 galleries and presentation spaces. You can be a part of the mission to transform America’s favorite museum. Learn more about the Ignite Tomorrow campaign and how you can help inspire the next generation of pilots and explorers. ( More...

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s s 11
If they go the path many museums have taken, reducing the number of artifacts and explanatory information and replace them with hands-on, multimedia VR type "rides", they'll be making a huge mistake. Museums are not supposed amusement parks or playgrounds. Being a little bit "bored" is part of learning and something young people today need to come to terms with.
s s - Completely agree with you on this point.
AWAAlum 2
The Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago is well known for its interacting exhibits. I visited again and again as a kid because of that very fact. Hands-on exhibits engage people of all ages and actually holds one's attention more than one that you just stroll past.
ADXbear 5
As a former space shuttle team veteran, this is a must see visit for me and my fellow SST Vets.
Cansojr 5
It's the only museum of its size and various exhibits make it the one and only of its kind...and they are going to make it better just blows me away. The Air and Space museum is my traditional first stop at the Smithsonian.
bentwing60 8
Cansoir, if you haven't been, go to the Udvar Hazy as well. It's also tops on any list and I have been several times and would go again. Cheers.
You just can't beat Udvar-Hazy Center - I was there on a weekday morning in September a couple of years ago - there couldn't have been more than 2 dozen visitors in the entire place.
Cansojr 1
My ignorance shows. Please enlighten me about its location and exhibits. In Germany I highly recommend the Deusches Museum in MUC. It also has the U-1 prototype for future boats. Thanks for the tip.
Jtfoley24 3
It's a fantastic museum. They have an SR-71, Space Shuttle Discovery, a Boeing 707, the Concord, Enola Gay, lots of military aircraft and much more. It's about a 45 minute drive from downtown Washington DC and pretty much on the same property of KIAD.
weecosse 2
The Air and Space Museum's link to the Udvar-Hazy Center: Click on 'Objects on Display to see what they have. If you fly into or out of Dulles International Airport (KIAD) and have time to spare you can catch a bus from Dulles to the museum. It is a ten minute ride and costs $2.00 one Way. Entry to the Museum is free.
bentwing60 2
Just south of IAD. Follow the signs. Bill and Moya's Lear 23 is hanging from the ceiling.
Dorothy Ball 3
Been to the Steven F. Udvar Hazy museum at least once a year since I’ve moved to Virginia. They have an area on the second floor where you can see them restoring aircraft. Also, walkways at the ceiling to look down at the aircraft and eye level at the one suspended. Also have Imax with 2 or more different shows, showing daily. So much to see, plan at least 3 hours, that’s what we stay and enjoy ourselves. Total cost is $15. per car load. Have a McD inside for lunch etc. You won’t be disappointed.
stieven 2
regarding Air&Space Museums in the US this would be my ranking:
#1 Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton OH (I visit this one about every year)
#2 Museum of the US Naval Air Force, Pensacola FL (visited once, some years agao)
#3 Udvar Hazy at KIAD (visited in Fall 2018, they even have some very rare German WW2 aircraft on display and a Horton Stealth airplane disassembled, major structural components on crades)... have fun visiting!
Gary Berrian 2
I have been Volunteering for the past 16 years for NASM. It is a privilege to work on some of the most iconic Artifacts in the World.
Wayne Joyner 1
Love this place. You can feel as if you could be there in the cockpit as you take flight.
I have only been there once several years ag0 (I m sure it has changed or added exhibits since that time),but it was impressive..i would like to go back at some time...
dee9bee 1
I've been to Air and Space quite a few times through the years, even when it was in the old brick building. Good stuff there but last time I felt it to be old and stuffy. Not sure the air conditioning was even working that day, for that matter. I'm glad the museum is getting a facelift. As others have mentioned, Udvar Hazy by IAD is the place to go for now.
sparkie624 1
Very Nice... Would like to go back their sometime.


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