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Delta cuts back how far you can recline your seat

(CNN) — As I flew Delta Air Lines from Chicago to Atlanta on Thursday in coach, I spent a few minutes guessing if the tall man in front of me would recline his seat. I wanted to work, but if he reclined while I was writing, my laptop might not survive it. As airplanes pack travelers into smaller seats with reduced personal space, powering up that laptop can be a risky bet: Will the person in front of you recline their seat? And if they do, will they do it so quickly that your laptop suffers? ( More...

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Highflyer1950 7
The general rule is that nobody thinks or cares about anyone else. I always recline my seat slowly as a courtesy but the real bug-a-boo is that idiot behind you that just has to use your seat back in order to standup or sit down. They always manage to get their ass 6” inches off the seat and then freefall from there! When they do attempt to get up you could place a bean bag on your headrest an see how far they can launch it....whiplash anyone!
stardog01 4
All airlines should remove the seat recline function. Why should the passenger in front of me take my space and cram their seat into my knees?
Shenghao Han 3
Try fly 18 hours without reclining your seat. Plus you could just recline getting”your space” back, unless you chose to sit in front of the emergency exit and or at the very back of the plane... but hey you are closer to the emergency exit should anything go wrong.
MultiComm 1
So those wishing to get productive areouder than those that want t take the opportunity to try to sleep. Ugh! The seats are not that comfortable as it is and the more recline the better. Plus like someone else said ... recline your own seat and you get the space back with the exception of the know “limited recline” seats.
sparkie624 3
They are cutting their own Throats.... United is going in the other direction, removing seats and letting people stretch out in a more comfortable environment.
George Cottay 3
Thanks, Delta. Until you once again reduce seat pitch.
Tom Bruce 2
flew every other week for 25 years... mostly got upgraded but when I didn't and got stuck "in the back" was always challenged.. your "general rule " is right on... very few seem to be considerate of anyone else... avoid flying at all costs nowadays...
Mike Davis 2
Hell with the laptop. I'm 6'4" with long legs. Some seats in steerage class place my knees in direct contact with the seat frame in front of me. I've been forced to pay extra for "Economy Plus" seating which often costs me several hundred dollars on long flights. Often, with today's full flights, they are not available when I have to buy my ticket.

And using the seatback in front to stand is virtually essential for someone with long legs because you can't get your weight far forward enough to stand. (Don't believe me? Try sitting in a normal upright position and stand up without leaning forward.)


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