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A man was arrested at JFK after TSA officers detected a handgun hidden inside a DVD player in his luggage

The TSA announced the arrest in a press release to their website Thursday, saying the gun was hidden in the New York-native’s checked bag, which triggered an alarm during security scanning. “TSA officers spotted a DVD player inside the checked bag. Upon further inspection, TSA officers detected a 9mm handgun wrapped in aluminum foil that was artfully concealed inside the DVD player,” the statement read. “The gun was not loaded.” TSA then contacted Port Authority Police, who found the man waiting… ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 5
While it is legal to fly with firearms in checked luggage domestically provided the firearms are declared, this was an international flight going to Mexico where private possession of firearms is tightly restricted.
Highflyer1950 4
If it was registered and he was the owner, he obviously failed to adequately notify the airline and fill out the required paperwork allowing transport of a weapon by air. He also gets the “lowest IQ” award for wrapping a 9mm in tin foil and hiding it in a DVD case thinking it would “foil” the xray and/or metal detector scans.
Larry Toler 1
That's funny right there.
SorenTwin 1
Checked baggage doesn't go through metal detectors. There's no "and/or".
Kobe Hunte 3
put it this way - if he was the owner and it was registered, why would he hide it and wrap it in tin foil instead of doing the paperwork?
SorenTwin 1
It doesn't say anywhere that the gun was registered.
ian mcdonell 1
HIDDEN IN FOIL IN A DVD - who cares if it was registered etc
Tyler Emtage 1
I think that he was the owner but he didn't want to have to do the paperwork as he knew that Mexico doesn't allow anyone with firearms, registered or not. So if he went to do the paperwork, he would be told that he couldn't take the gun and he didn't want that.
lesoreilly 1
Best part is TSA wrote a Press Release!!!
Rest of the story please. Was the handgun registered, was he the owner. Makes a big difference.
Dan Chiasson 1
What? Makes no difference other than the amount of time in jail if not registered. Even if registered, what he did was straight out, criminal. He concealed the gun on an international flight. Full stop. He clearly does not have the intelligence to possess a registered firearm. Or is common sense not on the list of criteria?
william baker -1
Well you do have to give him credit for trying.. he failed but at least he tried lol.


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