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Ryanair drops ‘MAX’ title from nose paint work on its 5th 737 MAX 200

As Boeing continues to grapple with new software problems on its 737 MAX line, Ryanair has started taking pre-emptive action of its own. ( More...

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siriusloon 7
If Ryanair thinks the public knows the difference, then it's reasonable to think that they do. Any airline with as much contempt for its customers as Ryanair that still thinks they know something (anything) should serve as a wake-up call to every other 737 MIN operator. The MAX name is toxic.
While they realize that the MAX name is toxic, this is the equivalent of trying to spray potpourri air freshener in the bathroom to make people get the false sense of belief that someone didn't just take a dump in the toilet. No matter how hard they can try to cover it up, if they pluck a duck and put a faux feather suit on it, if it still walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has the bill/beak of a duck, and flies like a duck, it still just might be a duck. Trying to cover that up doesn't disavow that fact.
jhakunti 5
if you pluck a duck and put faux feathers it wont fly like a duck if at all. hence this headline.
But people that are flying Ryanair probably won't care. They were the airline that wanted to charge for restroom access, pillows, blankets, water, people were joking about Ryanair charging for air, and the CEO reportedly joked about doing it.

They also came up with the 'saddle' standup 'seat' to shoehorn more people (sheeple) into coach...

Jim Welch 5
The whole “Rebranding” concept was only acceptable to small minds.
You can rebrand a Ford Pinto all you want, and even call it “The Stallion”, but it’s still a Pinto.
Insinuating the general public won’t realize the truth of the matter insults all of us.
Fix it or scrap it, but don’t try to pull the wool over the flying public’s eyes.
Doing so will come back to bite them in the backside.

Tim Brink 4
As a dying breed of software developers left (in the USA) I'm curios exactly how much $$ did Boeing really save by outsourcing their software development? (or Engineering)
Last I read Boeing was into this "savings" for cost of over 10 Billion which seems should be made as example of offshoring development.

Just retired from 30 years in travel and aviation software and thinking about writing a book about some of the disasters I've seen in the name of cost savings.
alex hidveghy 3
Would be an interesting read!
Please do write the book.
soleil4paul 2
RyanAir is a low-cost carrier, they can't afford to lose passengers who may associate the MAX name with all defective Boeing airplanes.
Good move, and if you think it's just a cosmetic change, then you're dead wrong.
By the way, I bet Boeing will very soon change the name of the MAX themselves. They'll announce new airplanes that will be the same as the MAX but with a different number.
And again if you think it's just a cosmetic change, then you haven't learned the Marketing lessons of the 1996 ValuJet crash in the Everglades. Since no one would have wanted to fly ValuJet after that crash, they just renamed it AirTran (bought by Southwest in 2011)
Umm.. VJA bought TRS, and renamed themselves to be TRS after that crash. Also, what you are forgetting is that TRS did the same thing with VJA that Boeing is doing here: trying to sweep the entire issue with the MAX under the rug by renaming it without the customer being aware. TRS (and now, SWA) still holds a lot of records and memorabilia regarding VJA in a warehouse in Atlanta, which hasn't been opened, even through the 10 and 20 year anniversaries of VJA592.
patrick baker 3
now alls they have to do is change the wingtips and the engine nacelles and the look of fear in the pilots, and all will be better...
Kyle Griffin 1
I'd rather walk than be stuck in a 737 with 200 people.
I'd rather be stuck in a B737-200.
Don't tell me that because they dropped the label, they are now allowed to fly it (???????)
Chris B -1
Since its at the factory still, 8200 must be Boeing's new name for the aircraft
alex hidveghy 1
It’s how many are left parked, unsold, LOL!!......


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