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Ryanair Freezes Payment to Boeing on 737 Max Delivery Delays

CEO says aircraft handover could slip another couple of months ( More...

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Daniel Baker 1
Frozen payments? What payments were they making?
racerxx 1
Would you not want partial payments for something you were making for some one?
Daniel Baker 3
Considering the current situation and to the extent that airplanes aren't being delivered, it's hard to believe anyone is making payments.
racerxx 0
Most airlines didn't anticipate the grounding to be this long and continued with partial payments. Hence a number of them kept pushing back their schedules.
bigkahuna400 1
Boeing requires payments be made as aircraft are at different stages of build. I would not pay them if they are not flying as well.
Donald Knowles 1
Ryanair should be renamed OEA Oleary European Airways


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