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Corrosion cracking caused Korean Air Boeing 777 main gear axle failure on landing

Japan Investigators of Korean Air Boeing 777-300 that suffered serious damage to its rear wheel axle of the main landing gear conclude the corrosion attributed to failure. ( More...

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jptq63 5
A far more detail report (short and quick read, with some goooood pictures... in case there are folks here old enough to remember - I read the magazine for the articles - :-)) and take somehow grease missed a spot. I.e. "It is highly probable that the corrosion generated on the pivot bore was contributed by water penetration caused by the torn fillet seal due to rotation of the bushings and corrosion inhibitor that was not applied." -- This makes me wonder about other 777 that had gear worked on prior to the requirement change alluded to in the article. A mandatory check and lube job, maybe?
jptq63 0
Also, recall auto brake fluid is pretty corrosive, and wonder if it is the same here?
Chris Cotter 1
I agree with you there. It is easy to look back afterwards and say oh yeah _____. A couple of [really] hard landings and bazinga. That bad boy snapped cleanly. I wonder if it had anything to do with a manufacturing defect.
Comments that are argumentative i.e. Korea stats and killing has nothing to do with the article.
WhiteKnight77 1
I wish there were larger pictures of the area in question. From what I can see on the inside with the pics provided in the article, there is severe pitting in bore of that part. Was greas or oil getting to the part?

Here is a close-up of said axle:
WhiteKnight77 1
That should read close-up of axle when assembled.
joel wiley 1
A few more details can be found at AVHerald

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SmokedChops 11
KAL's Incheon heavy MX shops are some of the most advanced, FAA, EASA and CAAC certified. Closely tied to KAI Aerospace (a supplier to Boeing) I believe you have the two Korea's mixed up...
Viv Pike 9
Since when is Korea a so-called "3rd World Country" ?? Don't know much about the place, do you?
James Carlson 2
You're right that South Korea is "first world" in modern usage.

"First world" once referred to just the US, UK, and parts of Western Europe; essentially just the NATO allies. I think some people still use that outdated interpretation, possibly including the original poster. Time for an update.

"Third world" just means non-aligned, when talking about the US versus Russia. But I agree with you that it's needlessly pejorative here.
Viv Pike 16
Just a little information to add to your infinite wisdom, from Wiki.

South Korea is a highly developed country and the world's 11th largest economy by nominal GDP.[26] Its citizens enjoy the world's fastest Internet connection speeds[27] along with the world's second best healthcare system,[28] resulting in the third highest health adjusted life expectancy in the world.[29] The world's 5th largest exporter and 8th largest importer, South Korea is a global leader in many technology and innovation driven fields. Since 2014, South Korea has been named the world's most innovative country by the Bloomberg Innovation Index for 6 consecutive years.
" Its citizens enjoy the world's fastest Internet connection speeds[27] along with the world's second best healthcare system"

South Korea is not even in the top ten best heath care systems in the world,

I know it has nothing to do with aviation but it just goes to show that if you are getting in to actual facts, Wikipedia isn't always right.
Viv Pike 2
I suppose it comes down to which Index you look at, coupled with which factors are considered ...
Bernie20910 1
No, it comes down to what Mark Twain supposedly said, Lies, damned lies, and statistics." You can "prove" darn near anything if you cherry-pick the stats.
but that is not saying I do not support them.
south korea i mean

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John D 10
So, if a neighbor of yours turns out to be a serial killer with bodies buried in their back yard does that make you complicit? That's exactly what you implied.
sensfan2513 7
What he's saying is he's got nothing to add to anything except for a dose of xenophobia or ethnic potshots in every article. Second coming of Gerardo Godoy level nonsense.
Kobe Hunte 6
So you are saying Korea is the only country that "border a regime ready to kill millions??"

Take that into consideration (:


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