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Unidentified Customer Orders $564 Million Worth Of Boeing 787 BBJs

Boeing has today announced an order for two Boeing 787 Dreamliners in a business Jet configuration. The order, for two of the widebody airliner, is currently attributed to an unidentified customer at the customer’s request. It’s not often that widebody business jets are ordered from the likes of Boeing and Airbus. Hence, today’s order carries some significance. Two Boeing 787-9 aircraft were purchased for the purpose of flying VIPs around the globe. With a combined list price of $564 million,… ( More...

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Kyle Griffin 8
This was me. I figured that using a 787 BBJ was a little classier than driving a mazda 3 to work.
Kobe Hunte 0
Yeahhh just a teeenie bit better. Lol
bigkahuna400 2
Wonder how long they have to wait for these or will they just take some unused one and covert them, because backlog might be awhile...Also has work begun on the new AF1's in San Antonio or are they still just sitting around?
yatesd 1
Both of the replacement jets for the current VC-25s are in San Antonio and conversion work is underway.
sparkie624 1
WOW... Nice order. Congrats to them. They made a good decison
Kobe Hunte 1
The interior tho. WoW!

I would love to go around the world in that!
bdarnell 1
Makes our Citation look like a Mooney.


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