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Turbulence generation through an iterative cascade of the elliptical instability

Turbulence is everywhere -- it rattles our airplanes and makes tiny whirlpools in our bathtubs -- but it's one of the least understood phenomena in physics. This study identified a fundamental mechanism of how turbulence develops by smashing vortex rings into each other head-on, recording the results with ultra-high-resolution cameras, and reconstructing the collision dynamics using a 3D visualization program. Coupled with other data from simulations, this paper gained new insights into how… ( More...

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Larry Toler 1
This is interesting.
SmokedChops 1
this has piqued my curiosity on a Friday. As I tell my kids, we never stop learning and need to continue to expand our knowledge. (retired school teacher...)
Mark Weiser 1
Very cool research, and very far above a simple chopper pilot's pay grade, bumps is bumps, i'm glad someone is working to understand it all.


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