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JetBlue and Spirit apply for emergency exemptions to ‘minimum service’ order

JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines are the first two US carriers to apply for immediate exemptions under the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) service requirements, striking 19 and 26 destinations in their respective networks. ( More...

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Gloria Scelfo 2
Very disappointed in JetBlue. They canceled our trip to DC before the government imposed rules for covid and against my wishes issued a credit on JetBlue instead of refunding me. I thought it was required that airlines issue a refund under the current circumstances. Trip truly was canceled because of covid.
ADXbear 3
Ya know.. even here, all the news focuses on the New York area.. just a reminder, there is a whole country out here affected by C19..
I think readers are tired of all the focus on the the Brady/ Labron regions. Fwiw..
Henry Matias 1


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