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Senator would exempt some pilots from safety rules

WASHINGTON (AP) — The pilots who fly U.S. troops around the world would be exempt from new safety rules being drafted to prevent overtired pilots from causing accidents under a proposal Wednesday in th . . . ( More...

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steve gross 0
I would like senator Inhofe to take afew trip with me, Then he would change his mind. Steve Gross F/O Ryan International Airlines
steve gross 0
Just emailed the senator, Everyone please do this. Google(senator inhofe email) this is official email. Steve Gross
cmp5n 0
Steve, If you are too tired to fly and don't feel you can safely complete the flight, then don't fly. Why do you need a US senator to make a law for you?
A real IGNORANT senator(?) and also a JACKASS!
Joe Kelso 0
The Senator landed on a closed runway down in TX several months ago. Do you want him making the rules.
Joe, don't forget he then proceeded to take off on the parallel taxiway.
As both a risk manager and a pilot, my take is that this amendment is insane. If we ignore the science purely for the sake of economics (and make no mistake, that's what this is all about), why don't we just also throw in happy hour on the descent checklists?
And he is a proponent of aviation? Heaven help us. Typical fuzzy thinking from Washington that got us into the mess we're in.
cmp5n 0
The only fuzzy thing here is the guy who wants to put a happy hour on his checklist. Sen. Inhofe's amendment will create opportunities for pilots who want to make an honest day's work. If non-schdueled airline pilots shouldn't work more than 8 hours, should a flight instructor? Want to tell a flight instructor that he can't take up that extra student to help make ends meet?
Gene spanos 0
That's the agency's air line.
joe johnson 0
Always nice to see a management rep. chime in cmp5n. Thanks for your insight.
Will Sen. Inhofe hold a press conference to explain himself when a flight goes down killing hundreds of soldiers? Inhofe is a clown.
indy2001 0
This is a slap in the face to those pilots who fly our service personnel around the world. It says safety isn't as important to them, or their precious cargo. Ridiculous. But not surprising, coming from a senator who has routinely flaunted the rules that other pilots must follow.
Oh, boy, cmp5n evidently isn't aware that flight instructors CAN'T take up that extra student "to help make ends meet," not if it means flying more than 8 hrs in a 24 hr period. (FAR 61.195 (a))
cmp5n 0
I stand corrected on 61.195 (a) - thanks for pointing that out williamsvaugh. However, the point still stands. As pilots, we are responsible for making sure the flight can be safely completed. If something happens, God forbid, we assume the responsibility as PIC. Why do we need the Senate to make a rule telling us when bedtime is?


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