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American Airlines Welcomes Customers To The New Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport

American Airlines welcomes customers to the new Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport this week. The new state-of-the-art Arrivals and Departures halls will boast a more comforting experience for customers and upgraded workspace for AA New York team members. ( More...

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from the pictures it looks like a beautifully conceived facility..i wish them well..hopefully the passennger loads will pick up soon..
Flightag News 2
It does look like a beautiful terminal. Yes, we do need air travel to pickup very soon!
Scott Smith 4
I imagine there will be more sanity around the airport with this construction’s been a years-long challenge.
Best employee cafeteria in the system with the exception of the LAX food truck New Terminal looks great. Just hope the TSA was replaced with contract screeners.
Wasn't Delta doing some renovations too? Plus runway work as well. The last time I was there, it took three hours+ to get to the hotel! It was somewhat quicker leaving, thank Ford...

Delta's 'food court' is pretty awesome.
Flightag News 2
Yes, Delta did some major overhaul that went "live" back in October, 2019.


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