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Spirit Gives Sick 4 Year Old VIP Treatment With Private Jet

A four-year-old child was ruined forever after Spirit Airlines laid on an empty plane to repatriate the young lady and her family back to Puerto Rico last week ( More...

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Good on Spirit! Well done.
HUGE props (pun intended) to Spirit Airlines! I have my own issues with them, but good deeds like this deserve recognition, wherever and whenever they happen.
airuphere 3
Well said. Not only a private jet but a private 320!
DGR Rathborne 23
The sceptics will say this was PR stunt . But in todays realities , i needed to read this Happy story . Thanks
Spirit Airlines for such a Generous gift of help .
Chris B 4
Good way to give more crew valuable flight time.
vanyel04103 8
Let me see if I have got this right.
Spirit Airlines sent a jet that it had to get special permission to go pick up a family that was stuck in a place where there was no service to basically anywhere. It cost them $17,500 to send it.
They essentially rescued that family and got them home.

And all you people can do is complain about the writing? WOW, I mean ... Wow.

DGR Rathborne 4
vanyel04103 I agree with you . The airline did a really decent thing , and the discussion is how the article
was written ! Come on folks , you might as well just say " Nice job Done " . It's a good news story , in the dark days of a pandemic .
Correct, but than my next question, is it responsible to send an A320 while a smaller aircraft could have done the "almost" 1000 nautical miles as well? They all need money to survive but on the other hand they throw it out of the window.
DGR Rathborne 3
i just woke up ,and made a coffee , and read this ! Are you for real ? Come on Scrooge , lighten up . Did you pay any thing for this act of kindness , by Spirit Airline ? For what ever reason Spirit felt this was do-able , and they did it . i still say Congratulations to Spirit .
Yes I'm very real, do things like this and ask for government intervention later on because they need money? They could have done the same with a smaller airplane. Same result more responsible. You probably don't run your own business.
DGR Rathborne 3
Why are you so upset ? Did you have to pay the Bill ? While all the conversation is all about the money , i read very little about how Spirit saved the Sanchez family . The housing , clothing , food , travel documents and the tricky business of flying to and from Nations and airports . If all you are is a bean counter , and no compassion ,
your not my type either .
Don't worry, I'm not upset :) Enjoy your day.
Kevin Harris 3
Author is Australian.. he is speaking
"Australian" in their terms.
Dwight Hartje 3
So Spirit isn't entirely crap.
David Klida -7
Yes they are!
Just trying to be “funny”....
Sorry, I'm a non native English speaker. Can somebody explain me that word choice (ruined) ?
Chay Donohoe 8
I'm a native English speaker. I guess this may be a use of hyperbole. To be less ambiguous, I'd've just used 'Spoiled'/'Spoilt'.
David Starr 13
I am a native English speaker and I too, have no idea whar=t the author was trying to say. When I first read the headline I thought they had run over the girl with an airplane or sold her into slavery or some such. What a weird choice of wording to use.
Guy Rhodes 5
Agreed. Between that ultra-confusing lede and the “Miss Four” thing, it was a very difficult-to-understand story.
Fred J. 10
It is a joke to indicate that now, after having flown on a private jet, the child will never like normal flying again. And kudos to Spirit for having done that
Jim Mitchell 5
Perhaps ruined = spoiled (hyperbole).
Stine David -1
Damaged forever, created vary bad conditions. Not an English teacher. Very common word and used OFTEN. Do not understand these English teachers???????
Craig Kuehl 3
I am surprised that followers of this website are too parochial to understand another country’s version of the English language. I guess I have to remember that the United States and England are “two countries separated by the same language.”
You mention only two :) Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the list is much longer, they all have their own English Spell Checkers.
Guy Rhodes 3
What a confusing story. “Ruined forever / laid on / Miss Four.” Is this written in UK English with terms those readers would understand? Because this US reader had a very difficult time understanding the plot line.
bradmeiser 13
I think I figured it out:
- "Ruined forever" - because she got a plane to herself and probably won't again? Large stretch here, and they probably could have changed that to "A four-year old's future flying experiences were ruined..."
- "Laid on": Definitely UK english. Means "provided"
- Miss Four: She's a minor. Didn't want to give out her name so she's "Miss Four" year old.
I agree with your translation. Yes, the English language is subject to different uses and interpretations based on the speaker’s location as well as their upbringing (their experiences with language).
jetserf 2
Simple Flying has a youtube channel. They do sound British on the narrations.
It was abundantly obvious to me that "ruined" was tongue-in-cheek on account of the fact that she and her parents had an entire plane to themselves.

The two paragraphs starting with "This is all well and good..." should've been sufficient explanation for those who didn't understand the (obvious) meaning behind "ruined."
Guy Rhodes 2
Congratulations. It wasn’t abundantly obvious to me. Why would a four-year-old care enough about the privilege of flying on an empty plane to be “ruined forever?” This is why I think I initially wrote off the pun and took it literally.
bradmeiser 3
Still, a weird way to tell the story. Especially HEADLINE the story.
21voyageur -1
Agree with Guy. BTW, if this was a "news" piece, why was there a need to decipher the apparent story? This is not a forum for "can you figure out what we are attempting to say" efforts. The last I checked, it was an Aviation Forum. Let's move on and hope that Flight Aware will tighten up its editing practices. Was somebody on holidays?
21voyageur 0
Jezuz I thought it was me! One of the most bizarre and confusing things I have ever read emanating from what one would think would be an educated author. HELLO EDITING DEPARTMENT ! ! ! !
Guy Cocoa 1
This is a great story, but Spirit being Spirit they just couldn’t help themselves. The girl and her family were charged for printing their boarding passes at the airport, for selecting seats, for their carry-ons, for the food they ate, the drinks they drank and for the extra large seats.

Just kidding (I hope!). Good job Spirit.
Jesse Carroll 1
How was the four year old "ruined forever"....just saying!
Jesse Carroll 1
Oh hee, i get it!
She is ruined from future flights because she will expect every flight to be empty just like hers.
Instead of being reality And packed in like sardines as we are!
Dave Mathes 1's sad how quickly some of these forums turn to absolute crap...yea, it cost a lot and they could have done this or that or it's a publicity stunt...damn, can't it just be something good?
DGR Rathborne 1
HI Dave ...1St , i agree with you . I once commented a week ago , that the comments being posted , never looked at the human side of the story ......The Family , that was saved from great anguish and worry . Spirit came to there rescue , and asked for absolutely nothing in return . But what is every one writing about ? Money ,PR , poor writing . Got to go and listen to some music .........DGR
ADXbear 1
Wow, the stuff movies are made of.. glad there all home..
mariofer 1
I think "ruined forever" will need to apply to flying regular schedule service after having an Airbus all to yourself. Kudos to Spirit for stepping up.
John Yarno 1
WOW! Just wow, that was a job well done.
Free flight only cost the family $76,500.27 for luggage and picking their seats .
David Klida 0
The Spirit airlines I remembered left unattended children at the gate in Orlando on the last flight out because the crew walked out of the aircraft. I never flew Spirit again!
21voyageur 2
And that explains why they jumped at the opportunity to invest in cheap publicity. An event is one thing, having appropriate corporate values is another. Good on them for the "transaction" but have they changed the culture that you reference? Time will tell.
Tim Smith 0
Like Spirit or not: at least someone there has a heart. Poor English aside, we need some good news given the current political climate!
Ho was the child ruined for? It's VIP treatment people!
What I meant to say was "How was the child ruined forever?".
Mike Mohle 7
Spoiled with private jet service, rather than the "mass transit" treatment. She will never want to fly on the airlines again (me neither - LOL).
paul trubits 7
The kid is four years old. She probably spent the whole time watching Paw Patrol on an I Pad
Mike Mohle 2
True, never even looked out the window!
paul trubits 2
If they really wanted to impress the child they would have served chicken nuggets and fries with a Shirley Temple.
It was a tongue-in-cheek comment. I flew from San Juan to Boston via Baltimore in March. There were 7 people, including me, on both flights.

I was ruined forever. Twice!
21voyageur 3
Look. It is simple. If the reasoning behind the story was clear, why has so much time on an aviation interest website, been spent on debating the quality of the article's writing? Sorry, there is no excuse for poor and sloppy writing that is meant to represent news. Unless this was intended as a mystery article that was meant for interpretation, all that I can say is that the writing was very poor and the editing non-existent. Does not reflect well on any of the stakeholders (Flightaware, Spirit, the author (Simple Flying) etc). As it is FlightAware's website that pointed us to this dog's breakfast of penmanship, it was they who had the final say as to publish or not. Clearly fumbled the ball there.
This world needs more kindness. Spirit stepped up to the plate and made it happen. Kudos to them! We need more kindness in this world.
Current Administration Be Damned.
Spirit must figure that treating one passenger brilliantly offsets treating every other passenger like garbage. Good luck with that, Spirit.
jetserf -2
Correct me if I’m wrong but repatriate isn’t the correct term since Puerto Rico is a part of the United States.
But Turks and Caicos isn't. You didn't read the article, only the headline, did you?
jetserf 4
I did. I guess reading it late at night didn’t help. For some reason I thought they flew from MBPV to PHL and then to Puerto Rico, which would have counted as repatriation. Even so I mentally dumped the Turks and Caicos part.

My apologies.


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