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Delta Has Placed over 100 People on No-fly List for Refusing to Wear a Mask, CEO Says

Delta has already placed more than 100 people on a no-fly list for refusing to wear a mask, the carrier’s CEO Ed Bastian said earlier this week, in an effort to crack down on its mask policy. “We’ve been... steadily and rather aggressively stepping up our enforcement of the mask policy,” Bastian said in an interview on the TODAY show this week. “You cannot board a Delta plane unless you have a mask on. If you board the plane and you insist on not wearing your mask, we will insist that you don’t… ( More...

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M20ExecDriver 27
Their ball, bat and ballpark. Don't want to play by the rules, go somewhere else.
Richard Orgill 51
Good. I fully understand claiming its one's right to wear or not to wear however if a company post it's notices properly you abide by them or find another company to deal with. We all have rights....Delta has theirs, we have ours.
I agree with you, except for one small thing. Our 1A rights are not absolute, so we do not have a right to refuse to wear a mask if we have been mandated to do so. SCOTUS ruled as such, roughly 115 years ago.

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Rick Hoffman 24
bullshit on the the asymtomatic not spreading !! That's how my wife and I got covid so shut up and wear a mask
737man 2
How in the world do you know that for a fact?

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Asymtomatic is "unknown to rare"? Two words shuts you up:

TYPHOID MARY. Read up about her, as what happened with her puts your point to bed; dead, and buried.
clarify 8
That's not the WHO's official position. One WHO official spoke in a confusing manner making subtle distinctions between being asymptomatic and presymptomatic. But the WHO came back and clarified.


Quote from link: "The WHO created confusion yesterday when it reported that asymptomatic patients rarely spread the disease,” an email from the Harvard Global Health Institute said Tuesday. “All of the best evidence suggests that people without symptoms can and do readily spread SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. In fact, some evidence suggests that people may be most infectious in the days before they become symptomatic — that is, in the presymptomatic phase when they feel well, have no symptoms, but may be shedding substantial amounts of virus."
WhiteKnight77 2
You may want to check this out.
Bill Murey -1
Youtube? I'd rather check actual independent research.
WhiteKnight77 3

Philip Lanum 9
If masks do not protect, then why do surgeons where them?

They wear them so the surgeon does not spit into the open wound and contaminate the field. By wearing a mask you lower the "spit" you produce by breathing and talking and therefore you limit the ability to pass on the virus to others - especially if you are asymptomatic.

If everyone would wear a mask when they are out and about, the spread of the virus would be significantly curtailed.

If you are going to repeat the same old drivel, I will respond with facts and data.
David Rice 9
FFS! This guy again? I thought I got rid of you with my request for you to hand prop my airplane.
Individual businesses are not bound by the constitution.
The rest are just lies.
It's been known for quite a while that the virus can enter through the eyes. He's saying we might have to wear eye coverings. What's next, a hazmat suit? If I'm not ill, test negative, do I still have to wear one?
This is mostly untrue. Eyes have several defense mechanisms: tears, blinking, lashes. A virus could potentially enter when you TOUCH your eyes (nose, or mouth) with unwashed hands. There is zero evidence of ocular infection by aerosolized virus. Infection MIGHT be possible via large droplet contact from a proximal cough or sneeze, but that's why social distancing helps.
737man 0
Fauci literally said it, who cares if its true or not, there considering it.
Scott Keeler 19
Sit next to me with out a mask? Not happening!!!

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clarify 16
You're confused about the differences between racism and managing a highly pathogenic, highly virulent airborne disease???
Kevin Toovey -9
Yes, this is the same as enslaving an entire race of people and stripping away their dignity and rights.
What you're saying is a crock. But I won't give you my opinion. I'll let SCOTUS do that for me:

The liberty secured by the Constitution of the United States to every person within its jurisdiction does not import an absolute right in each person to be, at all times and in all circumstances, wholly freed from restraint. There are manifold restraints to which every person is necessarily subject for the common good. On any other basis, organized society could not exist with safety to its members. Society based on the rule that each one is a law unto himself would soon be confronted with disorder and anarchy. Real liberty for all could not exist under the operation of a principle which recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own, whether in respect of his person or his property, regardless of the injury that may be done to others. This court has more than once recognized it as a fundamental principle that

"persons and property are subjected to all kinds of restraints and burdens, in order to secure the general comfort, health, and prosperity of the State, of the perfect right of the legislature to do which no question ever was, or upon acknowledged general principles ever can be, made so far as natural persons are concerned."

- Justice John Marshall Harlan, United States Supreme Court

The case? Jacobsen v. Massachusetts. 7-2 MAJORITY decision, with the above being the majority opinion. And right now, you really don't want to talk about "race, slavery, and stripping people of their dignity and rights." Don't you dare get started.
Kevin Toovey 10
Guess sarcasm doesn’t travel well on the internet.
My fear though, is a ruthlessly right wing SCOTUS could very well turn American Democracy on it's head. That is why trump and McConnell have spent so much time rubber stamping the Federalist Society hand picked extremists. ASo many of them are completely unqualified for a job judging a dog show, and they will be judging real legal cases for their lives safely ensconced in their black robes.

It will take decades to get rid of the contamination forced into the legal system. Already, the cases they have decided are triggering alarms for their obvious partisan nature. Nothing has been left untouched, tarnished, by the thrashing of this president. There has been grave damage done to this country. This is aside of the damage to the respect for science, which in it self is horrific.

America is imploding, and is a world laughing stock. 'Mission accomplished'?
WhiteKnight77 1
Then explain this where Ginsburg praised both of the new justices:

and that they do not always vote right:

Just quit with the political BS here.
737man 0
My fear is that a ruthlessly left wing SCOTUS could very well turn the American Republic* on its head.
Jim Mitchell 2
Robert Cowling 47
The adage that 'Your rights end at my nose' is so true now. No matter what they do, everyone on that plane breathes that air too, and those virus particles can end up in everyone's eyes.

You have the right to be an ass, but you do not have the right to inflict your stupidity on everyone else. Delta is doing the right thing, and maybe the concept of 'together we are stronger' might come back. The whole idea of 'society' is to live and function for the betterment of all. That has been dismissed and ridiculed in this country in the past 10 years or so.

We look out for each other, or we all fail. Simple. Stupidity about masks is selfish.

Fly safe...
Ga Za 23
Just flew DL First LIH to LAX, LAX to BOS. Very professional, I felt very safe. Planes 1/3 full. I have mileage accounts with all the majors and JB and a Hawaiian but Delta will be my go to airline from now on. The rest of the industry should follow suit.
I've traveled on all the majors since the Pandemic started, with the exception of AA,
Delta is doing a great job, but where I live United is my best option. I'm also within striking distance of a million flown miles, which will at least allow some perks (I hope thru retirement) From the beginning the crews, airport staff (all) were and are responsible for saving their own industry, by making any and all potential customers feel safe - BY WEARING A -flipping - MASK. If you want the dollars of the the older population (who have the money and time to fly) you have to make them feel that its safe enough to return!
Curt Hockaday 8
These comments look a lot like many facebook posts, the way people are attacking rather than discussing. If Delta wants to enforce masks on their own flights, they certainly have every right to do so. It's the same as no shirt no shoes no service, full stop. I do not have a right to get into your car without following your rules, just because you have a taxi. It's not public space.
Leading scientists says wearing a mask will help. If I wear a mask for 2-3 months and they find out the masks don't help at all, what have I lost?

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David Rice 8
Please note that in OUR "constitutional republic", a business can definitely make rules about whether or not you can be present on their property. Please note the prevalence of "no shirt/no shoes/no service signs that are pervasive throughout the service industry here in OUR "constitutional republic".
James Meek 4
He lowered it for a moment to take a much-needed drink. Of course a "gotcha" photographer was probably watching throughout the game for that chance.
Philip Lanum 4
A follower of Dr. Stella Immanuel spotted.
cyberjet 1
The classic ad hominem attack.
lfilipov747 1
Exactly. And if masks work, then why did the virus start in China, where they've been wearing masks for years?!
cyberjet 1
I’ve been to Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai and I can assure you masks weren’t very common in any of those places.
Steve Western 20
If you choose to travel on an airline’s particular flight and that airline requires you to wear a mask, you would be childish and disingenuous to refuse once onboard and inflight. Being on the no-fly list and trying to get your name removed can be a lengthy and expensive proposition, enough to wake up at least some of these anti-maskers. It doesn’t matter if you are a conspiracy freak and feel that COVID 19 doesn’t exist, is no big deal, or that masks can’t reduce transmission. When you bought your ticket you were informed to the airline’s policy, also when checking in and boarding, there is no excuse to fail to comply with the instructions. Don’t fly if you refuse to mask up

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Roger Wolf 5
Bottom line- the virus does not Care
About your politics, your civil rights or if you are outraged about wearing a mask. If you get it it will make you sick or kill you. Your only defense is to do everything you can to reduce your exposure and that includes wearing a mask. If you can’t or won’t then stay home.
I hope Delta shares its no-fly list with other airlines.
alan75035 13
Amtrak won't put up with this grotesque stupidity, either.
KoolerKT 4
Some people are just selfish.
waynej007 20
Just wear the friggin' mask and STFU!
Sally225 4
Absolutely correct and Amen!!!!!!!

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Mark Kortum 8
It is tough cookies for them if they catch this thing. Serious asthmatics need to think twice about all risky activities.
cyberjet 4
The claims that asthmatics can’t wear a mask are BS. I have a friend whose 26 year old daughter has CF and about 40% lung capacity. She wears a mask when she goes out to the store and appointments with no problem at all.
a1brainiac 10
KEEP them on the NO FLY list....these are the type of people that cause disruptions anyway
A Traveler 16
Looking at this whole mess from over the fence in Canada, Americans (and I am one Who left the US 45 years ago, simply amaze me, Doing what is being done now, no maske, my rights, me, me, me and screw everyone else, just reinforces my decision to have left the USA. There are so many Americans that only think about themselves and the rest be dammed. Sorrowful situation. And it is certainly the actions of the few that are certainly not a good role model for the younger generations to follow. At this point in time, just stay in your county do what you want to do or not to do, just don't share your physical being with the rest of the world. Next don't turn the plane around when someone won't about by the rules, open the exit door and push them out and end their me, me miserable life.

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Philip Lanum 4
If you catch COVID-19 you should sign a legal agreement where any doctor/hospital should not treat you. You are the one who should stay home.
A Traveler 5
We? you speak for all Americans? I doubt it. At 80 years old I know a mask will keep me as safe as possible. And trying to keep civil in my reply to you it is difficult, but actually. And if you should acquire the coved and pass away, there will be no tears from me, just a smile and goodbye.
My Delta SkyMiles just increased in value!
James Meek 3
Regarding the "Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)", the group's name makes gives the impression that it is a prestigious organization like the American Medical Society, whose advice is here:
This article is also excellent:

My daughter is a doctor and has an ample supply of horror stories about complete jerks she's encountered in the profession. Note that the "AAPS" membership is only about 5,000, less than 1% of American physicians.
This unmasks the AAPS:
Art Walsh 8
it's so simple, go by the rules and all will go well

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Bill Murey -4
I can name you several ethnic groups that would disagree with you there....
Highflyer1950 7
The old saying “good fences make good neighbours” applies to masks as well! It was the same with seat belts, most resisted but over time (and ticketing) got used to it. Here we don’t have the luxury of time so we mask up or we don’t fly........period.
Jose Sifontes 2
The things the pandemic has revealed about our character as a nation are not very encouraging. A lot of 1A-obsessed people who can not care less about science or claim to understand it better than actual scientists, objecting to mask wearing. Most other countries have done much better by simply following the guidelines and not making it a political debate.
ADXbear 7
Bill Ross 4
Hey, only 8 comments until Hitler popped up.
jose figueroa 5
They should ban them for life.

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Randy Brown 3
Not the right place or time to fight this war.
When forced to wear a mask, most do.
When not forced to wear a mask most don’t.
At some level we all know it’s just a con, but we go along to get along.
We have been forced to wear a mask to fly. So wear something.
When you look at what constitutes compliance with the rule you realize that it is not about medical safety.
A nylon stocking pulled over my face.
An old bandanna around my neck, pulled up as needed.
The vented N-95 mask sold at Home Depot meant to protect while installing insulation.
A mask reused 100 times, full of spit and germs.
These and many more ineffective methods will bring you into compliance.
Properly worn a medical grade device is changed both any time it is touched or after 30 minutes of wear.
If you are afraid, wear a face shield and a new medical grade devise.
If you see reality wear the most comfortable, least obtrusive thing you can.
Fight this battle in another forum. Loosing flight privileges is real even if the mask mandate is a scam.
No shoes no shirt .... No mask - NO SERVICE ... It's that easy
airuphere 1
Steven Bell 1
So you telling me if someone has a portable oxygen tank they can deny them? Do you have breathing problems? My lungs are room because of a 41 years is a career firefighter in a large department. Let me tell you what happens when someone who cannot breathe has an additional impairment. Most will suffer a panic attack! You have ever probably don’t know this! I is a disabled person and protected under the ADA. Anyone with a disability cannot be denied service due to their disability
What is interesting is listening to this I rarely comment but this has divided our country, fighting over masks, mask shamers and others not wanting to wear them etc. Fights at stores. My office is getting calls about this from clearly disabled people that have doctor notes that cannot wear masks that are being shamed and yelled at. Some of the first lawsuits are coming concerning this (Nike being sued for requiring employees to wear masks and the deaf cannot read their lips and communicate). Let's all be a little tolerant and then I will not become busier and have to hire more lawyers to handle all these issues. If someone is not wearing a mask or someone is wearing a mask, just move on. Lets all agree to disagree and move on.
If they require a mask to fly then wear one, if you don’t want to wear one drive. It should still be about a choice as a person, masks do no good , if you are scared wear one but don’t force your choose on others, that’s communism. I still to this day do not wear seatbelts, I have seen people die from internal injuries at low speeds because of them, but still it should be a choice. I have no fear of a virus if your fear drives you to wear a mask that’s your choose , what is the slogan... my body my choose guess that works in more ways than one huh ?
Speaking as a former EMT, I can tell you that I never unbuckled a seriously injured victim of a car accident. On the other hand, I cannot count the number of times that a seriously injured accident victim was removed (and often succumbed later to his/her injuries) who had NOT buckled up but suffered massive injuries from being unrestrained in a crash. Force equals mass times velocity. It's physics, the same physics that governs the motion of aircraft.
Mike Mcleod 2
You day you do not wear a seat belt may i ask how many other people. Are you effecting by not following the law. Apparently you dont believe in the law so you choose to ignore it i guess its ok in your book of totally selfish rules that a drunk can choose to drive a car and kill your family because its his god given right to kill people. You make arguments that are feeble an idiotic . My 7 year old makes better arguments but then i expect you to make these types of arguments being ab idiot
What about laws of being clothed in public. The nudist camps fanatics think otherwise.
stratofan 1
While I have no problem wearing a mask, everyone will have to agree that prior to this "situation", many airliners were as dirty as a city bus, or a NYC taxicab. Don't even mention Gen Millenials putting their bare feet on the seatbacks or bulkheads. Airlines should have been taking a proactive policy of cleaning their planes long before now. It is a shame they cannot be as demanding that passengers practice good hygiene and, a little courtesy without risking a lawsuit.
wingbuddy 1
Well that was a stupid remark
Craig Good 0
Delta is now my favorite airline. They should all do this. Covidiots should be restricted to hiking and rowboats for the rest of their selfish, miserable lives.
Dwight Albers -4
With the track record of ‘experts’ during the course of this debacle, no one from the WHO, CDC, NIH all the way to state and local health officials have a shred of credibility left. They have contradicted themselves and pontificated countless chunks of information that was just flat wrong. Add that to the deliberate, fraudulent manipulation of statistics to fit a particular narrative and there is no credibility. Even social media giants are playing doctor and censoring posts that don’t fit the narrative. Then you’ve got the biggest vacuum in corporate leadership ever seen across all industries that follow blindly like lemmings, not because there is any established track record for these measures, but because it “feels good” and “feels safer”. Then they are going to ban desperately needed customers. That’s not even lose to smart....

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If it’s a mask a berka or a star it’s all about control
So true, it’s all about control, masks do no good but the want you to be in fear.

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complete, total garbage. every single word you have said. But let's take your "numbers", or lack thereof, into account. And let's even add in a 1% mortality rate.

If the US population is roughly 328 million people, 1% of the people that would die from this would mean 3.2 million people would die. That would throw a couple hundred monkey wrenches/spanners into our economy no matter what conspiracy you come up with. That's more than double the annual deaths at once. But we're not just talking deaths here, as we're talking those infected, symptomatic, asymptomatic, or otherwise. So for every one person that dies:

19 more require hospitalization.
18 would have permanent heart damage for the rest of their lives.
10 would have permanent lung damage, including pulmonary embolisms,
3 will have strokes,
2 will have neurological damage that leads to chronic weakness and loss of coordination, and
2 would have neurological damage that leads to loss of cognitive function.

So even with your numbers, and adding in a 1% mortality rate, you have:

3.28 million people dead.
62.3 million people hospitalized.
59 million people with permanent heart damage.
32.8 million people with permanent lung damage.
9.8 million people with strokes.
6.5 million people with muscle weakness, and
6.5 million people with loss of cognitive functions.

And these numbers reflect what you SEE with your own EYES. Perhaps you should practice what you preach and look at the CDC data yourself.
Steve Western 7
Your stats don’t matter in this situation, it’s not about debating the danger of COVID 19, the issue is about playing by the rules you accepted when you booked, then boarded the flight.
rbt schaffer 1
And the price tag for that would be trillions upon trillions... be an American... WEAR a MASK
Talk about garbage numbers, you're assuming a 100% infection rate in the US and a 1% mortality rate.

Both of those are ridiculous.
Randy Brown -4
Two issues,
One any business can do this. Fighting with the airlines who were forced by the government is the wrong answer.
Two. Your post shows how well the media has done in convincing people that “The Emperor Has No Clothes”
Every stat you post is twisted propaganda.
It is not as easily transmitted as you fear. Every time a testing study is done the death rate goes down. More people have had it without knowing it than have been sickened by it.
Everyone will eventually be exposed to it, mask or not, that’s how virus work. They eventually pass through the entire population. In the end it will be just another bug. The scary numbers you quote will be hundreds of times overstated.
Remember when the death rate was 5-7% and millions would die? Yes your post is more of the same.
You have been had,

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If we do everything right, like we should have done when all of this broke out last December, we WON'T be talking about another swine flu outbreak, because we would have not only COVID-19 under control, but would also have a head start on any Avian/Swine/ flu/H1N1/H5N1 outbreak, because we finally would have put the right foundations in place.

It's easier to deal with NO numbers than any numbers, whether or not you think that it's garbage. Keep in mind that your rights to do what you want with this virus not only end where mine begin, but are not absolute. If you don't comply, the airlines, let alone the government can do what they want with you, whether you like it or not.
Randy Brown -1
It is sad to think that the media I has convinced even the educated that the “Emperor Has No Clothes”
The truth gets voted down and the scare propaganda gets voted up.
Truth is truth. Votes don’t change the truth. They just show how easily manipulated people are.
Matt is right Brad is not.
“Any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both”
It happening to us, now. The mask as enforced In these rules is not a medical device, it is a conditioning tool.
bill arabak 0
Good summary of reality, Matt

[This comment was deleted.]

Randy Brown -1
The fact that this was down voted shows how well the media has done in convincing the population that the “Emperor has no Clothes”
They will not see the truth and will not believe it when it is right in front of them.
The only purpose for the mask is as a physiological weapon.
ACAboy 1
Randy,how clever you are. You're right. It is a physiological weapon; one of the few that we have! A simple barrier between your or my virus infested mouth and olfactory passages and your or my presently healthy mouth and olfactory passages.

I suspect that you are a young person, probably under 30. If not, I would do a little reading up on the way this virus attacks older people. It's not funny, it's not trivial and it's not just the "flu". Six feet apart or six feet under is a reality for people lacking a robust immune system.

A non-medical mask is such a simple way to help protect your fellow citizens when physical distancing is difficult. Oh, should I ask it? Yes I will. Do you care about your fellow citizens or is it only about you, you, you, you.?............
amacnabb -8
All based upon fake "science"... no real, scientific proof that masks do any good, and actually some research that suggests masks are harmful.
What a joke...
Philip Lanum -1
AND idiotic...
"Many in both our political and media classes, however, have no desire for people to be well informed about relative risks. People who are afraid, after all, will engage in socially demanded behaviors. So why risk giving them an accurate picture of their situation? Politicians and the media are not informing the public so much as managing it, an impulse we must call out and fight.

We should also resist the ratcheting effect of a growing culture of safetyism, most excellently discussed in an UnHerd article by Matthew Crawford. He writes, “At the level of sentiment, there appears to be a feedback loop wherein the safer we become, the more intolerable any remaining risk appears. At the level of bureaucratic grasping, we can note that emergency powers are seldom relinquished once the emergency has passed.”"

Be an informed, free citizen, not a subject. Read the whole thing here:
Terry Briggs 6
Be sure the next time you fly you don't use your seatbelt, too.
sharon bias -2
Delta has every right to do this under "trespass" laws. Trespass laws are already on the books, enforceable by police and the folks can go directly to jail. Trespass laws are used regularly in States with a lot of hunters. No need to pass "mask" laws when there is a law that will solve the problem.
Brent Lee -1
I predict mask optional flights in the near future...
Philip Lanum 1
OOOHHHHH - death flights.

Any relation to death panels?
Your prediction would be wrong.
Jeff Booze -1
I am not crazy about these rules and not even sure if this is a hoax. However out of respect for my fellow passengers I do wear a mask.
WhiteKnight77 -1
And they should stay there even after all this finally dies down or ends.
C J 0
Only have to wear masks until November 4th. Either wear a mask or don’t fly.
K R 0
Free market economy. Don't fly Delta. I was thinking of flying them for a long flight, but will now move on an choose someone else. If this is their view of PAX safety, one then has to question and examine their other views. Now I am left to worry about the plane maintenance quality. If they think wearing of masks works then maybe they think duct tape for wing repair works too!
murmanap , read this and do some research , better to be informed about the drug they won’t let anyone have.
Samuel Bixler 4
This was in 2005, was only tested on cell cultures, and was not the currently circulating novel coronavirus. Recent rigorous studies have not shown effectiveness in human subjects against COVID-19.
William Mihok -8
Good by Delta: You are now on my "do not fly on list"!

[This comment was deleted.]

Philip Lanum 3
Good Lord man - you are so wrong.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

When you have a wife in hospital dying from this chinese born attack such as I do then I would like to listen to your head in the sand rantings and manipulation of statistics maybe then from a different perspective
Steve Western 3
Alan, I’m very sorry your wife is ill. I’m sure all of us regardless of personal opinions wish her the very best. You and your wife are in my family’s thoughts hoping for a full recovery.
My son picked up meningitis when just a few months old. For two weeks it was nip and tuck, he could have gone at any time in those 14 days of high fever. His hearing could have been lost, even severe brain damage was a potential. I never hurt so much before or since. In a small way I can’t understand what you are going through
If you want to see REAL fascism, look no further than PDX. Trumps personal Stazi and their fascist tactics are on full display. You can fly Delta to get there, but don't forget your mask. Masks hurt less than rubber bullets.
WhiteKnight77 5
You do realize that FPS agents are already at federal buildings around the country on a daily basis even before all this happened right? That is their job after all, to protect federal property and the people therein.
Randy Brown 0
Billy bob believes the propaganda about “mostly peaceful protests”
Has a bad case of TDS. I think they are way to nice to the rioters, damaging, looting, assaulting those that disagree.
Overall criminals in need of the jack boot
737man 1
Yep nothing says fascist like stopping people from burning a federal building down!
D Rotten -5
Now, THIS is VERY interesting!
Association Of American Physicians And Surgeons Sounds Off On Face Masks
James Meek 5
Regarding the "Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)", the group's name makes gives the impression that it is a prestigious organization like the American Medical Society, whose advice is here:
This article is also excellent:

My daughter is a doctor and has an ample supply of horror stories about complete jerks she's encountered in the profession. Note that the "AAPS" membership is only about 5,000, less than 1% of American physicians.
This unmasks the AAPS:
Philip Lanum 4
Follower of Dr. Stella Immanuel detected.
rbt schaffer -6
Just push them out the door... On the tarmac or in the air...


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