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Vistara To Commence Flights To London, Paris, And Frankfurt

Indian carrier Vistara will launch new routes to London, Paris, and Frankfurt following an announcement yesterday. The carrier will operate these routes with a fleet of two Boeing 787-9 aircraft, with new business, premium economy and economy classes onboard. ( More...

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Abieshan Ganeshamurthi 2
Impressive! Testing the ability of such aircraft. To my extent of knowledge, Vistara uses their 787-9s on long-distance domestic flights (e.g. Hyderabad to Mumbai or Cochin to Ahmedabad). I myself am a Sri Lankan-Canadian, but, as India is Sri Lanka's closest neighbour, I have not been to the country but I can tell that their aviation market is somewhat ok.
The 787s are currently being used for domestic flights between high demand routes involving Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad. But the ultimate objective is to expand to Europe as well as to Japan in east. Vistara has planned it with order of 9 Boeing 787-900. One is delivered and another is soon to be delivered.
Abieshan Ganeshamurthi 1
How interesting.


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