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American Airlines goes full throttle to restore Boeing MAX fleet

American Airlines’ maintenance team is scrambling to complete safety changes to its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX jets ahead of a phased return to service, while deliveries of new jets are set to begin as early as this week. ( More...

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Kenneth Puchlik 6
As a safety officer, scrambling and safety should not be used in the same sentence.
Bob Kamman 2
"260 American Airlines’ specialists divided into three shifts are working round the clock, seven days a week"

Can I ask for one that wasn't worked by day-shift guys at 3 a.m. ?
william baker 2
Unless you use it as Scrambling for safety.
David R Hume 5
30,000 hours with AAL as Captain, Check Airman, Designee, etc. This looks like a legitimate fix to me. Now advising family to put all 737's back on their "Will Fly" List...


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