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Wow: Rada Airlines Ilyushin Il-62 Clips Trees In Miscalculated Takeoff

A cargo aircraft operated by Rada Airlines has been filmed performing a rather jaw-dropping takeoff. The rare Il-62 was taking off from Serbia’s Niš airport but left it rather late to begin rotating. The late takeoff saw it clipping the trees on the airport boundaries as it apparently struggled to gain altitude. ( More...

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linbb 1
Nothing new there is a video from several years back of one taking off in Aussy land down under went right to the end before rotating. Tower operator made the comment while filming it that wow hope I have enough battries to film the crash.
airuphere 0
I’m sure that happens at that strip, with that a/c more than we’d like to know. Used every inch, watch the deflection on rotation.. took a hot minute to get that nose up.

linbb 1
OOPS it was there smalller freighter that I saw. The controler said there goes Vodka one and you know its sure slow.


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