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This New 6-Passenger Electric Aircraft Could Revolutionize Commuting

A UK startup has just released a redesigned six-seat eVTOL that it plans to start flying next year. Autonomous Flight revamped its initial two-seat Y6S design into a larger-cabin all-electric aircraft called, appropriately, the Y6SPlus. The aircraft will have a range of 80 nautical miles, with speeds of up to 125 mph. ( More...

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Pa Thomas 2
Made from the purest Unobtainium....capable of filling blogger's editorial copy in a single bound.......
James Driskell 2
80 NK long extension cord?
linbb 0
If it could haul anything except batteries and go further than an hours flight. Its going to be quite a while before they can do much. Already the Beaver cant haul anything, C208 short on range with any load in it. Another try at investor money sparkey nothing more.
sparkie624 2
It would be a good commute from LGA to EWR! LOL!


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