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Cool: Qantas 787 Flies 10,000+ Miles To Saint Lucia

Qantas flight 6079 is currently enroute from Brisbane, Australia (BNE), to Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia (UVF). The flight covers a distance of just over 10,000 miles, making it a ridiculously long journey. As a point of comparison, the world’s longest regularly scheduled flight is between Singapore and New York, and that covers a distance of just over 9,500 miles. ( More...

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Daniel George 12
As a Brisbane native, it's a somewhat amusing headline. St Lucia is also a suburb of Brisbane, it's about 4 miles from the CBD.

Still, the story explains it was taking the Australian Cricket Team to the West Indies for the first tour in five years. Until I saw that I was wondering what the purpose of the flight was, especially in the current climate.
Robert Cowling 1
There is a Sydney in the state I live in. Some people were confused when I said that I was dreading to long flight to Sydney. 'But, it's only like an hour or two by car!'

Spoiler alert: They made it.

Then they made it to LA, then back to Brisbane, then to Perth, then back to Brisbane...
ADXbear 5
Lots of water.. 16 hours, even on a 787 is tough..
Daniel George 2
They would have been in Business, so don't feel too bad for them.
Robert Cowling 1
Unless they ran out of beer!
David Kay 4
It doesn't matter what the story is, someone will discredit it.
jbqwik 3
Time zone trauma!
George Pepe 1
I bet that must be really pushing;g the range. Probably a 787-10
Robert Cowling 1
16 hours? OMG! I thought the LAX-SYD flight was insane. The fact that it was a 'red eye' and I had already flown for over 6 hours before that flight probably helped it 'fly by', but the return flights were excruciating. Given Qantas' multiple inflight bars, I hope they won't run out of libations. Will sleeping pills be served to all passengers?

Wow, 16 hours? Wow...
Bill Butler 1
Well, didn't take long for this one to de-rail....
Kevin Keswick 1
Yazoo 1
And where are your ETOPS alternate airports?
Kairho Carroll 2
IPC, Easter Island is very close to both the planned and actual flight path. It's about 2400 miles from Lima, Peru (about the same for Santiago, Chile) and 4400 from Auckland, New Zealand. That's within ETOPS-330. LAN Chile flies Santiago-Auckland routinely.
Kevin Keswick 1
Common diversion airports on Pacific routes:

Henderson Field (Midway Atoll)
Mataveri International Airport (Easter Island)
Cassidy International Airport (Christmas Island, Kiribati)
Faa'a International Airport (Papeete, Tahiti)
Wake Island Airfield.
Majuro International Airport.
Kwajalein Airport

Link to ETOPS coverage map for this route (copy & paste link in browser) :
bentwing60 -7
Think about what the truly wealthy endured on a Pan Am clipper to traipse about the universe back in the day. Or the Titanic, Hindenburg The modern day suffragist, so little perspective, so little education and no ability to peer into the rear view mirror! cheers.
Mike Mohle 15
Yessir, or how hard it was for those on the wagon trains coming West! 16 hrs. sleeping, reading, watching TV (as long as the WIFI is working of course), talk about a first-world problem!
bentwing60 1
Or maybe the "Grapes Of Wrath" migration, for that matter, since my parable was not in support of the "1%ers", but to point out the utter dipole existence of the current US resident. The Okies.,, got zip from the federal govt. in their time of need in comparison to modern social programs and the same political party that oversaw that debacle, and I guess didn't need their votes, now openly court the gimme' votes of those that live perpetually "on the dole". Many of whom vehemently dis. the joint but never leave for those ever 'greener pastures'. Or pay the taxes that support their 'free' cell phones, public housing and SNAP programs. SNAP pays for more booze and lottery tickets than food, I suspect, but, I digress!

The 'right to vote' here may be somewhat more supported by intellect than the national average, but still seems quite incapable of 'reading between the lines'!
Robert Cowling 2
To travel the length of my state used to take three days back in the 'olden times'. Now? A handful of hours. You can go one way,a nd back in a day, and still have time for lunch before the slog back.

We take so much for granted in this 'technological age', and are suffering for our impatience.
Nic Tanner 0
Little education indeed. Are you seriously going to try and compare 70-100+ year old global travel infancy "comfort" when any travel just across country, let alone to a foreign continent, to that of today? Try a little perspective then try that comment again.
Huck Finn -5
Good grief, imagine wearing a face diaper for 16 fucking hours!
Robert Cowling 3
A diaper is to keep your shit contained. Obviously a 'face diaper' doesn't keep your shit contained, but it does make it a little harder to be exposed to it.

From the beginning, this pandemic being morphed into a political hot mess was tragic, and the 19 months shows how special the stupid in this country is treated and catered to. America is facing a third wave of COVID, and it could result in even more variants. Masks, social distancing, and vaccines WORK! Stupidity, callousness, ridicule, incompetence, didn't. UNLESS the goal was to see how many American Citizens could be killed.

The virus won, and ignorance, and incompetence cost this country BIG TIME!
Robert Cowling 2
When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent. -- Isaac Asimov
John Myers Jr -7
Masks don’t work Fauci even admitted as much, do your research. At least we somehow avoided the “Flu Season” 🤓. Sheep will always be sheepish. Within the next 12 months a lot of disclosures will expose what has been perpetrated upon the nations of the world and the principals will face tribunals for “Crimes against Humanity”.
Robert Cowling 1

You need to stop having Fox News do your thinking for you. Seriously.

Is the Corona Virus a sponsor of Tucker Carlson's show? It has to be, otherwise, why is Tucker on his knees blowing the virus on damn near every show? Seriously!!! He's more than happy to market the virus to his viewers. He could make it serious by just saying 'The virus wan't you! Succumb to the Virus, let it suck your will to live!'

The virus is KILLING people. Fox News wants you to ignore the virus's appetite. Therefor: Fox News (and News Max. etc) want's you to die. Do I have to spell it out more clearly for you? Fox News want's you dead. Oh, and they want you to think dying is patriotic, and some shit...
Nic Tanner -5
If we are forced to get vaccinated, what exactly is the point of a face diaper again?
Anne Todd 4
The vaccination doesn't stop you getting covid. It does stop serious illness haould you get it. So it makes sense to take precautions to avoid it............just like the 'flu
Robert Cowling 3
And, if masks didn't work, why are there record numbers of people that DIDN'T GET THE FLU?

Hell, almost all contagious illnesses over the decades were down last winter (colds? Down! Flu? DOWN! Even allergies! DOWN!). Why? Masks work! Social distancing WORKS! Respect for others WORKS! Not being a malignant imbecile bumbling through life being directed by multi-millionaire extremists who want you to die (or maybe more correctly don't care if you live or die)?

No wonder so many on the right are grabbing guns and killing people. The lie at the surface of 'the party of life' has been proven to be a bumper sticker, like those yellow ribbons, which has fallen off their crazy car.


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