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Sorry, Jeff Bezos. You're still not an astronaut, according to the FAA.

The Federal Aviation Administration set new rules concerning the Commercial Space Astronaut Wings Program and the criteria used to award those commanding, piloting or working on privately funded spacecraft with the Commercial Space Astronaut Wings badge. ( More...

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sparkie624 4
He was only a High Flying Passenger!
Roy Hunte 3
Thanks FAA for bringing Jeff Bigego back to earth.
bentwing60 1
Well put Roy!
dmohr1 2
You're not an astronaut unless you orbit the Earth at least once, or made it to space prior to 1970 (those early astronauts had balls bigger than the moon)

Will also allow an exception for those that died on the launchpad or in flight with the intent of circling the Earth.

Would be willing to listen to arguments in favor of Felix Baumgartner. He didn't orbit the Earth, but at least he did something really cool when he got to space.
Blake Van 1
There's a difference between Flight Crews, and (Passenger)


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