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Dawn Aerospace conducts five flights of its suborbital spaceplane

While the rocket launch sector is quickly becoming crowded, the same can’t be said for companies developing suborbital spaceplanes. This means there’s plenty of room to grow for startups like Dawn Aerospace, which has now completed five test flights of its Mk-II Aurora spaceplane that is designed to fly up to 60 miles above the Earth’s surface. ( More...

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John Meaders 1
Title doesn’t match the story.
sparkie624 4
Oops... Was not supposed to be in there... that was an article to a friend... The correct header Should be: "Dawn Aerospace conducts five flights of its suborbital spaceplane" - Sorry guys.. My Clipboard goofed up... Maybe Flight Aware can fix this goof.
John Meaders 3
I changed to upvote. Thanks for clarifying.
Mark Duell 2
sparkie624 1
Thanks for the Assist!


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