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After missing flight, Chicago woman falsely said bomb on plane

A Chicago woman falsely claimed a bomb was on a plane at a South Florida airport after missing her flight, authorities said. Marina Verbitsky. a 46-year-old woman, was arrested Monday night at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and charged with falsely reporting a bomb, explosive or weapon of mass destruction, according to a Broward Sheriff’s Office news release. ( More...

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bbabis 14
I thought checked luggage of any passenger not boarding a flight would be removed. Even in the heat of the moment she had to realize that would be a pretty dumb thing to do but dumb she is.
domestic flights go with or without passengers even if the bags are on board. ALL International flights have positive bag match.
This woman is crazy to even try to do this. She'll have some real psych exams to pass now.
Mark Kortum is correct. I have had my bags arrive before me on long layovers. However, you do not know this in advance.
Tim Dyck 1
We once arrived in Toronto and had to switch flights. We were told we had to pick up our luggage and walk it through customs then recheck it for our domestic flight home. Our luggage didn’t show up, we had to go to customs and fill out a form then to the airline baggage claim desk and fill out more forms. We finally boarded and when we got to our destination our baggage was already at the airport, it arrived on an earlier flight that had taken a completely differant route from New Orleans to Saskatoon.
This would infer that TSA (A Govt Agency) would do their job....doubtful.
Mark Kortum 2
I received an odd email notice From American Airlines yesterday about my checked baggage that supports your theory. The notice read: "your luggage arrived early. Check with our luggage desk at your destination to pick it up." The luggage was actually on my flight which arrived more than 30 minutes early. This appeared to trigger the notice automatically. I wondered, though, if this notice is in place for situations where luggage does fly on earlier connections because it makes the flight and you don't. This is something that could become a dangerous gap in security not supposed to happen.
If it is a flight to flight transfer that would be less of an issue.
What is wrong with people those days?
Doug Fehmel 4
Definitely a contender for this years Darwin Award.
George Pepe 3
Yes, but she didn’t die
George Pepe 4
I think you have to die to be eligible
You have to be taken out of the gene pool for a Darwin. She seems to have already reproduced since the story refers to a son so her sterling genetics would still live on even if she didn't.
David Rice 0
Unfortunately for the rest of us, you have to die exhibiting your stupidity to be given a "Darwin". Perhaps if she were clinging to the landing gear of a C-17... ;-)
Doug Parker 1
“Inability to do the inside work.“
Cibrut Turbic 5
Some people are unbelievably stupid. That includes Marina Verbitsky. I would really like to hear her explanation of her intentions, what outcome she did think such action will have. Really. She must be like IQ of walking potato or something like that.

I believe rest of pax definitely didn't clap with their hands when aircraft arrived back to the gate :/
Phil Howry 4
Ostensibly, the "Chicago woman" arrived at the airport early enough to have her baggage checked-in and loaded on the aircraft. Did she then sit too long in the bar, realize she missed her flight and then come up with this alcohol-induced reaction? Regardless, does anyone believe her son's school attendance could/would cause this type of behavior in anyone? I just hope her son forgets this parental example of uncivil human behavior.
Tim Eichman 1
That was my first thought: early enough for bags to get on the aircraft, but missed the gate... guessing they dawdled their way to the gate... If they checked in at the JetBlue counter in Terminal 3, it's only 800' to the furthest F-gate, and about 1000' if they were at an E-gate...

Just another case of "I'm the most important person in the world and I don't care if I didn't do it right, it's your fault and you need to fix it and it doesn't matter that I've inconvenienced a few hundred people, maybe terrified a few too... you must bend to my will." Sadly, becoming too normal in our society.
Stupid Human Tricks.

Late for a plane, early for a prison stint.


I think that's a felony? She won't likely be late for any planes in the very near, or mid-future. Problem solved?
not a felony although it should be. She was out on bond and waiting evaluation for mental issues. she will end up with a huge fine and we can hope she is on every WATCH list out there.
RECOR10 -5
Harris will bond her out, no issues.
Another candidate for the fast growing “No fly” list! 🤣
"It was not meant to be" never is!
Gene Poon 3
Equally stupid and irresponsible are her family who cooked up the lame excuse for her actions. They ALL belong in the looney bin.
Dave Mathes 2 just can't fix stupid....
Ed Sherlock 3
Nope, you can’t fix stupid, but duct tape makes it quieter.
"Stupid is as stupid does." - Forest Gump.
Harry Venison 1
They should Brand a huge K on her face. All Karen's need to be shamed in public.
George Pepe 1
Karen? Or no Karen?
Chuck Lavazzi 1
She missed the flight because she was lost in tough, that being foreign territory to her. :-)
MichaelHale 3
ken young 1
This cuckoo beeatch should be placed on a permanent no fly for life list. Her sentence, 12 months of picking up road kill and litter and a $100,000 fine. Take her house if she can't pay...
Mark Kortum 1
Airlines used to close their doors at published departure time. Then they started closing at 10 minutes prior. Now, American at least, has increased their boarding end time to 15 minutes prior to the published departure. I fly Jet blue on occasion. The airline's passengers are not the informed frequent fliers who know these things.
dogstargem 3
Report says aircraft was already moving and had to return to the gate. With three empty seats and checked bags It seems weird they left the gate early. It's one thing to arrive at the gate just after the doors close and another arriving as it is on the move. No. She screwed up. Not to mention the mess she made with the passengers and crew.
AA usually announces final boarding 10 minutes before departure then accommodates the standbys. If you aren't there especially if you checked in and no status, you lose. The other item is they may have received an earlier departure slot and with seasonal thunderstorms decide to leave before there was a ground stop for lightning. Either way, its her responsibility to be there on time. I just wish bad behavior on planes was dealt with more severely.
Dan Grelinger 0
Irresponsible journalism: "A Chicago woman called in a bomb threat at the airport"...


"Verbitsky yelled profanities at the employees and said a bomb was in her luggage,"

These are two different versions of the same incident, in the same report. Certainly can't believe everything your read on the internet...
I hope she recovered her bags.


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