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American Airlines will Open their Flagship Lounges to Anyone ... For a Fee

For some traveling aboard American Airlines, the travel experience just got a whole lot better. American Airlines just announced that they will be selling access to their Flagship Lounges, a move that enables general passengers to enjoy the enhanced ground product. However, access to the lounge will come with a high price tag. ( More...

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Scott Maynard 8
What is the point if flagship dining is not included?
Not. Worth the ad blocker dance to read
Phil Laben 2
last one I got in to was DFW and they had peanuts for $125.00
Good grief. Not sure how many “general passengers” can afford that price point. As several have commented, for what? A drink and a few snacks?
patrick baker 2
be prepared to disable your add blocker so that you may read this article. Not worth the effort....
Disable Javascript on the page and no need to disable the adblocker!
Rick Amerson 1
Article says pay a one-time fee $150 for lounge access until your flight leaves for everyone over 2 y/o. No access to dining for that price. Pay $650 if you want to eat.
Thomas Craig 0
mdburd 1
This is similar to Air France's policy for thier La Premiere lounge in Paris. If your aircraft only has business class--but you're generally in FC, you can pay $300 per passenger for the services.

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