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Brand New Air France A220 Returns To Paris Squawking 7700

While on its first flight after delivery from the manufacturer’s facilities in Montreal, Air France’s latest Airbus A220 today returned to its origin of departure shortly after take-off. The plane’s pilots declared an emergency, setting the transponder to 7700, and landed back at Paris Charles de Gaulle 50 minutes after departure. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 9
MH370, where are you?

Roy Hunte 8
Hiding under his bed, hoping it will pass.🤣
linbb 4
Oh wow and the person who did the reporting used to work for CNN and nothing about airplanes.
Franky16 1
Agree - that was a dreadfully written article, lots of repitition and no 'flow'...
sparkie624 3
He would have been here if it was a Boeing!
william baker 5
But its not a Boeing having issues LOL. I swear he has a hard on for all Boeing things are bad things.
Erik Bruner 4
@Torsten - Do you actually think that's funny? Seriously, grow up or back to yahoo comments


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