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U.S. Transportation Secretary Warns Airlines to Help Travelers or Face New Rules

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has warned airlines that his department could draft new rules around passenger rights if the carriers don’t give more help to travelers trapped by flight cancellations and delays. ( More...

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Steve Aliamus 9
No more sleeping in airport terminals? It will be interesting to see how airlines define "not our fault" for cancellations and delays.
Richard Haas 4
Act of God."
MrTommy 4
That pretty much covers it all, no matter what industry we're talking about. When you can't weasel out of something with facts, just fall back on the age-old insurance ruse.
Patricia Brown 5
Add getting the luggage to the destination with the passengers.
James Strickland 7
Unintended consequences! The politicians shut everything down when covid hit. They forced rules that made business very difficult. Airlines, schools and many other businesses were dramatically affected. Businesses cut staff, offered early retirement, buyouts and the politicians even paid people money not to work. What could go wrong here? So many retired, took buyouts, found a new profession. Now the schools are having difficulty finding teachers, empty classrooms when parents self taught or found charter schools, airlines and other businesses have staff shortages throughout their business. So now the politicians are blaming everyone but themselves for the problems they created.
wtwisniewski 0
The shutdown created major problems because of its partial nature. The politicians did not shut down the monetary system at all, so businesses and individual owed money while being blocked from making money. If we had truly shut everything down, there would be no pandemic, and the loss of mankind producing nothing for a few weeks, a loss of $billions, would be small compared to the cost of Covid19, an ongoing cost.
David Rice 1
Shutdown of the airline industry? Nope, the CARES act made sure the airlines got a government tit to suck on.
David Rice -3
Thanks Trumptards for the government spending of the CARES act, you suck.
David Beattie 0
Actually, the government did not shut the airlines down. Passengers chose not to fly in a packed narrow tube in the middle of a serious pandemic. I flew on business a half dozen times positioning for corporate. The airplanes were near empty for most of them. The bad part was the awful schedules. Of course, turns out airliners we’re way safer than cruise ships germ wise.
DonDengler 1
Airliners ? Haven’t heard that terminology since I read the word in my history books
Rick VanSice 2
Buddigieg is about as smart as Biden and Harris. Throw money at this boondoggle and watch the ticket prices skyrocket as well as hotel rates!!
Gary Bain 4
Exactly. His answer to the pilot shortage was "The airlines to hire more pilots" as if airline qualified pilots grow on threes. What an idiot.
Gary Bain 2
airlines "need" to hire more pilots.
sweeper239 4
It's a shame to see this forum go from constructive discourse to everyone putting up their political and social comments. Where did all you guys go? what has replaced you is shameful on what is supposed to be a professional pilots forum.
AWAAlum 4
A suggestion which has been put forth immeasurable times, and as you can see, unsuccessfully. As much as I am against censurship, it would be lovely if there were some way Flight Aware could step in and refuse to post inappropriate comments and censure / ban responsible parties.
Gary Bain 1
Gary Bain 2
Absolutely Sweeper. I think I'm going to leave the forum. I get enough hate from the nightly news. What the hell is wrong with people these days?
Brian Freeman 3
I feel much better knowing that our federal government is on the case...(insert copious amount of sarcasm here.)
Mark Kortum 6
A tyrant's solution to every problem is more rules and draconian enforcement. Never an intellegent idea to address the root cause.
Gene Joy 3
and your solution is.......
Gary Bain 1
Solution to what???
David Beattie 1
Tyranny? He’s responding to thousands of constituents who are tired of poor performance of the airlines. That’s his job.
David Purtz -5
Exactly. Intelligence isn't a strong point of politicians like birthing boy Pete, he has no clue how to run the airline industry.
DonDengler 2
Butter appointment was based solely because he is married to another male. And adopting a child is a form of child abuse. And they let this person control how airlines run their business. Sick

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Richard Haas 2
I think Pete Buttigieg is still on the steep part of the learning curve. Some airlines don't sell tickets, e.g., SkyWest. Some airline ticket sellers don't operate airplanes, e.g., Priceline, Expedia, etc. It is not illegal to over-sell. Some commercial airports don't have flights seven days a week. A cookie cutter approach won't work.
w2bsa 5
Frankly, they have to do something about overbooking. When you have personnel shortages in just about all aspects of your operation, you can’t expect transporting services to support all of those passengers. Frankly, I’m surprised we have heard of a bad crash or some other nasty problem on the airways.
David Beattie 1
So what are they supposed to do, develop specific rules for each and every airline? Do we all get our own speed limit on the highway?
Richard Haas 1
Perhaps the whole industry needs to be 'rationalized' like Tim Rattner did with the American automobile industry. Personnel shortages could be resolved by hiring from all of those in the resulting layoffs.
Bob Turner 1
It’s easy for Pete to blame it on the airlines, they need a person that knows aviation in the trans department not Joe’s guy Pete.
David Beattie 1
Yes, someone. Like Trump’s Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao. Her only claim to fame was being married to Mitch Mc Connell.
joseph villalona 1
And since when do airlines or corporations care about consumers except for their wallets? Use a 5 Sigma approach and see where the problem lies. As Toyota and booom! voila, problem solved. Aviation is no different.
David Purtz -9
Most would think Airlines know more about running airlines than someone who thinks men can birth babies. We'll rely on and listen to those that actually know what they are doing.
joseph villalona 9
If airlines know better, why in hell they are providing such a shitty service? Oh yeah, blame it on somebody else.....mantra of American enterprises. Never my fault. BS
joseph villalona 3
Of course, they are typical of those that, in reality, don't have an intelligent answer and recur to personal attacks. Stick to the facts.
chiefaviator 5
Ok, sticking to the facts. The politicians shut down the industry, the politicians triggered inflation and huge cost increases, and the politicians have passed policies.

Then the a politician with absolutely no subject matter knowledge put in place by a good Ole boy reward, ignorantly threatens actions if they don't fix the problems politicians mostly made and policies hindering corrections. Instead of getting educated or using subject matter experts to find real solutions and changes in policies.

That doesn't excuse some airlines poor management that is in some cases a contributing factor.
Mark Kortum -5
Pet's learning curves are all steep.
Dennis Stockton 1
Make passengers who try to fit full-size luggage into overhead bins "run the arrow."
Michael Eadie 1
Without federal mandates the airlines will do nothing to benefit passengers. Sounds likeDOTis doing nothing again.
DonDengler -6
Those Democrats just keep sticking us.

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David Rice 1
wake up fool! The “right” wants to force your raped daughter to carry the rapists baby…the “right” and their ridiculous “rapist bill of rights”.
Gary Bain -3
Ah, another idiotic response from a charter member of the Despicables.
Jack Poole -5
Government out of its lane once usual
C B -1
The politicians shut everything down under Trumpty Dumpty’s watch, if I recall correctly. Guess his transportation “guru” was not too bright.
David Rice -2
Not the airlines. They weren't shut down. The Trumptard’s CARES act bailed out the airlines…kept ‘em flying practically empty planes on taxpayer dimes.


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