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United Airlines threatens to drop JFK service if U.S. does not approve more flights

UAL said on Tuesday it plans to end service in October to JFK if the FAA does not grant the air carrier additional flights. United is flying just twice daily to SFO and LAX from JFK after resuming service in 2021. Without permanent slots it cannot serve JFK "effectively compared to the larger schedules and more attractive flight times flown by our competitors" like JetBlue and American Airlines. ( More...

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Dennis Stockton 3
Give the Big Guy his cut, and it will happen.
Richard Woollams 1
No one will miss them.
Ron Wroblewski 1
Gene Poon 1
George Dinius 1
Blackmail? More like refusing to be held hostage.
Juan Jimenez 0
Boo-fricking-hoo. No one will miss them.
Leander Williams 0
Sounds like they are ready to do something idiotic. They are willing to go from a few flights a day to NO flights a day to spite JFK. Sounds more like spiting their shareholders. Not to mention they already fly out of LaGuardia. More greed.


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