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Norwegian 737 Returns to Trondheim After Birdstrike

The departure of a Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-800 from Trondheim on Monday morning brought with it an unexpected malformation of the aircraft's cockpit area. ( More...

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Bab Bezat 1
I use Safari and was able to go right to the article without any paywall. That's interesting...
21voyageur 1
Perhaps FlightAware should engage you as a technical consultant. However they are not serious about content other than having it.
Gary Bain 2
Didn't read the article because I'm not going to sign up and pay for another website but my question is "SO WHAT?" Happens all the time. Click bait for the uneducated.
21voyageur 1
My perspective is not , , ,"SO WHAT" as you mention, but more "WHY SO". Integrity does mean something. Or it did.
21voyageur 6
FlightAware PLEASE STOP THIS AMATEUR PRACTICE OF LINKING TO PAY SITES! Or, just come out and state that it does this for revenue purposes.
AD7K 2
I couldn't open in Firefox or Chrome(kept going to the "turn off your adblocker or pay us" screen) but it DID open normally with the Opera browser ...
21voyageur 3
Thx but as soon as I get hit with the pay/crap - I immediately bail. They (FlightAware website leadership) know full well that FlightAware members will get spammed. Cheap disguise for revenue generation. Common FlightAware , , , , claim you are generating revenue from this, , , , or deny it.
Hector Nieves 1
La ptimera foto y ultima antes las veia, hace mucho tiempo no , usualmente eran las mas bonitas


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