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Bomb scare on an Iranian flight

'Bomb threat' onboard Iranian plane over Indian airspace triggers alert, IAF jets scrambled Read ( More...

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🚨 Complete story of Iranian aircraft which faced bomb threat over Indian Airspace:

A Mahan Air aircraft had taken off from Tehran, and was headed to Guangzhou in China when it received a bomb threat.
While in Indian airspace- Mahan Air contacted Delhi airport ATC after it received the bomb threat.
The pilot asked permission for an immediate landing at Delhi.
Delhi ATC suggested the aircraft to go to Jaipur but the aircraft pilot refused & left Indian airspace.
While in Indian airspace— IAF’s Su-30 MKIs were given the task to scramble the Iranian aircraft.
Torsten Hoff 1
A baffling decision by the captain. If there is a potential threat to the aircraft, why jeopardize it by not making an emergency landing and instead continuing to its intended destination in China? That's highly irresponsible.

I doubt anything will come from this, but the pilot should be disciplined, and maybe the airline as well.
You are absolutely right.
druck13 1
After Ryanair Flight 4978 some pilots may no longer trust threats originating from other countries ATC, it's only a matter of time before the wrong call is made.


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