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Federal government inks deal to buy fleet of F-35 fighter jets

Canada has signed off on the final contract to buy F-35 jet fighters to replace the air force's aging CF-18s, Defence Minister Anita Anand revealed Monday. ( More...

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James T 4
Highflyer1950 12
Oooh smart move. The USAF currently have 46 F-35’s grounded due to engine problems with no spare engine modules to repair them. Just want you to want to hear….engine problems on a single engine fighter that patrols the desolated cold North and/or flies across the ocean to get to a war theatre?
djames225 7
No one stated Trudeau was smart. So much for doing anything with the Navy...heck many those used FA-18's they bought from Australia still aren't in the air.
The Rx 1
I believe the Aussie purchases were to keep us in spare parts ?? LoL
Jeraboam 1
In this case the original decision was made by PM Harper and deferred before the election to create the illusion of a balanced budget.
Jeraboam 0
Why would anyone buy a twenty year old fighter design with a limited range and more suited for regions like Europe than the vast distances of Canada? The war in Ukraine is a strong indication that drones and missiles are rapidly replacing fighter aircraft.
Tim Dyck 2
These are the same planes Trudeau cancelled in 2016. So after paying out the penalties for cancelling the contracts and giving up the spin off jobs promised in that contract Canadians are now buying the same planes for a higher price and no spin offs. Vote woke an watch your country go broke...
Jan Halvarson 1
President Eisenhower told Prime Minister Diefenbaker to cancel the Avro Arrow because missiles would make fighter jets obsolete.
Such a SAD day in CANADIAN Aviation ...Gawd this plane is ugly too .
The Rx 1
I would have picked a handful of F-35B's to test ?? At least they can potentially take-off or land from some of our bigger warships. Too bad the Gripen doesn't come in twin engine variant ;0( .....


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