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NationalAviation OPINION A mayday message from the flight deck for Qantas’ new CEO

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have breaking news from the flight deck: CEO Alan Joyce has just resigned and that’s all I have to say about that.” ( More...

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lydia astill 13
A loyal customer for 30 years and all I feel now is apathy and ire. Amoral board and management killed the brand for workers and for customers and then that little man walks away with Millions of AUD. What a grifter, what a scam. The whole board should be sacked.
Pileits 7
Sadly corporate, financial greed is taking over the world. I once worked for a HUGE airline that is now chasing after money over taking care of customers.
bentwing60 3
nothing new under 'el sol'
Tom Hockley 5
Add to the list his "moral blindness" the threat to those who did not support homosexual marriage, and his treatment of Israel Falau. Joyce - financially rich, morally bankrupt. A pity he wasn't sacked before the 100th anniversary so Qantas could have celebrated with some honour.
mark webb 4
The love of money is the root of evil
Rick Polley 4
Greed is the biggest disease in the world today. It is a sickness that is destroying mankind!
Allan Churn 4
Not to forget Jetstar, the Qantas offshoot. They cancelled my wife's flight only hours before departure, then got her on a Qantas plane for "only" a hundred dollars more. Why was she charged??? The Jetstar flight was cancelled "for commercial reasons". She had no choice as she had to be in Sydney the next day for an event."pay up or don't go". We have flown Virgin since then. Yes...Qantas is run by bean counters. They should definitely pay back the $2 billion in corporate welfare, now that they can afford to shower Joyce with such a disgustingly huge bonus.
phillip martin 3
Of course he resigned early. They were considering taking his extra bonus off him. Now it is too late. He is a low life with a severe lack of ethics.
Dean Soccol 3
It looks like the airline was making an effort to be unethical. After the ACCC announced they are taking Qantas to court for selling tickets to 8000 flight they knew were cancelled.

They may claim an administrative error. Funny though you never hear of 8000 people not being charged for the flight they booked.
Rick Polley 2
Until we all stand up and DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY from EVERYONE, we will all go down the gurgular.
bentwing60 1
lead the way
James MORGAN 2
Joyce. A little man with a little brain but big pockets.
All too late!!


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