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UA Flight descends 28000 ft in 8 minutes

How does a crew handle the ultimate "I'm gonna die" syndrome? ( More...

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bentwing60 3
3500 feet per minute does not exactly represent a no holds barred emer. descent rate Kazansky, and in fact ,-500 fpm, represents a fairly normal initial 3 to 1 profile for your average HP jet.

Please enlighten me on how this is an abnormal other than amongst the aviation presstitutes
Sean Awning 2
Media sensationalization. The flight crew had this under control. Aviate, Navigate, Communicate -- explaining things to the pax would be nice but it isn't as important as keeping them all safe. Some people panic at the sound of the landing gear descending. Maybe they need to develop a display or an app that can explain things and reassure people that the flight crew have the situation under control.

To answer your question, research South African Airways Flight 295, Japan Air Lines Flight 123, and Alaska Airlines Flight 261. The flight crews kept trying to find a solution. They tend to do that, because they're aboard the plane and they have lives they cherish -- motivation a drone operator or, worse, an AI wouldn't have.


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