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Frontier Airlines CEO says workforce got ‘lazy’ during pandemic

Frontier Airlines CEO Barry Biffle is facing backlash after saying the COVID-19 pandemic created a "lazy" and unproductive workforce. Users on X, formerly Twitter, criticized the CEO's comments made during Morgan Stanley's 11th Annual Laguna Conference Wednesday, according to Fortune. "We got lazy in COVID," Biffle said. "People are still allowing people to work from home. All this silliness, right? All that’s out the window." ( More...

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Highflyer1950 6
Well maybe with a looming huge shortage of pilots, flight attendants, engineers, ground personnel etc. The airlines will be forced to reduce frequency, use only larger planes and boost prices dramatically to make a profit. Good news is, we can go back to being a well behaved, suitably dressed and more sane travelling public……especially since the higher cost will weed out the chaff. All kidding aside, fewer flights with bigger aircraft and return of common sense would be a breath of fresh air?
mbrews 3
Well, I agree with your points. But In the actual article, the CEO raises a question. - Why does his company now have higher % overhead (non-flying employees per airplane) than it did in 2019 ? Clearly, productivity has gone down by that measure.
Highflyer1950 4
True, but running some numbers: American has 137 employees per aircraft, United has 100 per aircraft and Frontier about 50….so I don’t know how much leaner they can get. Stats off the internet.
Sean Awning 5
Ah yes, another CEO blaming everybody else. He should attend DISPAX 2023. Maybe he could learn to respect the people who make his job possible.
patrick baker -1
this ceo has to go. out of touch and infected with trump-mouth: tendency to mouth off foolishly and not-factually. Translation: you led them that way, and that was the best you could do.
Bill Overdue -1
We're working on the guy and his son who has to go: Translation: He forced us into the cesspool we're swimming in, and their yacht, with millions on board, is trying to sail!
Bill Overdue -6
Not only did 98% of the US workforce get lazy, 1/2 of them never returned to work. If they did they now demand to either work from home, demand a 32 hr week get paid for 40 or as in the case of UAW demand a 50% raise of they'll shutdown the industry! So ya, the masses got lazy ... likely an unknown additive in the COVID vaccine. Who can say for sure?


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