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Canadian government to buy Boeing P-8A surveillance planes to replace aging Auroras

The federal government is buying at least 14 Boeing surveillance planes from the United States to replace the aging CP-140 Aurora fleet, cabinet ministers announced Thursday. The deal costs more than $10 billion in total, including US$5.9 billion for the jets themselves, and the planes are expected to be delivered in 2026 and 2027. ( More...

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Jeff Phipps 6
As a Canadian, I'm still pissed athwart Boeing did to our C-Series. And if I was in power, I would be looking at anything and everything OTHER than Boeing for product.
Tim Segulin 8
Agree about Boeing's disgraceful anti-competitive behaviour on the C-Series.
The alternative to the Poseidon was another Bombardier aircraft with General Dynamics systems that would take years to develop and might well have been a flop. The Poseidon was available now and widely used by our allies.

Much as I would still like to stick it to Boeing, this is a rare occasion where the usually heavily politicized military procurement process actually worked. This time they put the needs of the armed forces first.
Martin Reid 0
Hear hear! The Poseiden plane is as old as the plane they are replacing albeit with some updated technology.
linbb -3
So sorry that your local aircraft didnt make the cut. Get the crying towel out and move on. Still trying to figure out what athwart is must be an up noth thing.
Jeff Phipps 3
The aircraft made the cut, but I guess if you're not knowledgeable, you don't realize it's the A220 now. the athwart was "at what" but autocorrect and no edit functions means you get athwart. I guess you couldn't make that huge mental leap there. Whereas your comment "up NOTH thing", I can make that giant stride that you meant "north". Must be a down south thing.
Elwood Strand 2
The Canadian government is broke no money for the Military
Tim Segulin 3
Not broke, it's all the usual Canadian politics.

In peacetime there are no votes for defence but there is time to build and train.
When war breaks out there are votes for defence but there is not time to build or train.

Canada entered WW1, WW2 and Afghanistan totally unprepared thanks to this longstanding cross-party attitude toward defence.
matt jensen -7
Canada buys jets and Argentina buys P3s. Unfortunately neither country will receive them before WW3 starts

btweston 2
Sorry. That comment flew right past me.
bruno mallette 1


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